Celebrate Independence Day In GTA Online

Keeping the running tradition alive yet another year, Rockstar Games is commemorating Independence Day in GTA Online with a few special promotions, many of which will be familiar for veteran players from the events of past years.

Discounts, special items and ways to earn some extra cash are all on offer for those of you who would like to spend their 4th of July in Los Santos.

Many of last week's promotions have been extended in the name of the festivities. Double RP and GTA$ payouts are still live on all Smuggler's Run, Special Cargo and Bikers Sell missions, because what better way to celebrate an act of defiance resulting in the birth of a nation than by defying the law? It's all in the spirit of the holiday, you might say.


Of course, it can't be a real 4th of July without absolutely everything painted red, white and blue

If you want to stock up on the gaudiest Independence Day paraphilia, all items that fit the theme are 40% off. Thematic goods include the Vapid Liberator, the Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign, the Musket, Firework Launcher, Fireworks, Star Spangled banner Horns, Patriot tire smoke, Patriot parachute smoke, Stars'n'Stripes facepaint, MOC Liveries, Independence Day MKII Liveries (these are new items) and all character customization options related to the event.

A number of item on sale from last week have also had their discounts extended, much like the double rewards promotions being brought over. You can get Hangars, Special Cargo Warehouses, Executive Offices, Bikers Clubhouses and businesses at half price. Facilities are 40% off, while you can enjoy a 30% discount on the Avenger and its renovations, MOCs and their renovations, the Vapid GB200, Grotti X80 Proto and the Imponte Ruiner 2000.

The Guest List promotion leading up to the release of the nightclub DLC is also coming into its first phase of rewards.

With signups closed, players no longer have a chance to get in on the goods if they missed out. The first round of rewards will be available if you log into GTA Online until the 9th of July. You'll receive an exclusive Orange Wireframe Bodysuit and GTA$ 300,000.

The next round of Guest List goodies have also been revealed: a Pink Wireframe Bodysuit and GTA$ 100,000. The money reward is less substantial, but it's still free cash. Just make sure you diligently log in each phase throughout the entire promotion and it will all add up to a tidy sum.

Keep logging into GTA Online for further rewards and stay tuned for news on upcoming content.

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