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Casting Call: Who Should Play Key Characters In A Grand Theft Auto V Movie

The Grand Theft Auto series has influenced just about everyone and Grand Theft Auto V continues the momentum.  With video games consistently being translated to the big screen, it makes sense that this popular series would be on the radar.  Despite many video game adaptations being bad, the GTA series actually has a lot of potential with its story driven games. GTA V architect Dan Houser says it won't happen, but if it did, here are a few casting picks that should or could be made.

Michael De Santa – Michael Madsen

Visually Michael Madsen is a dead ringer for Grand Theft Auto V’s main protagonist.  In addition, many of Madsen’s previous roles mimic some of the characteristics of Michael De Santa.  They both have a tough exterior and Madsen fits perfectly.  Pick a combination of any of his roles from his Tarantino films like Mr. Blonde and Madsen can easily become De Santa.

Franklin Clinton – Corey Hawkins

Corey Hawkins is an actor on the rise fitting into a variety of roles.  Franklin’s character comes from the streets but he’s also street smart.  Playing the iconic rap icon Dr. Dre in "Straight Outta Compton,"  Corey Hawkins exhibits many of these qualities.  Hawkins also has the acting chops to pull off any sort of complexities that may make up Franklin Clinton.  He’s a solid choice that’s more than capable of the role.

Trevor Phillips – Walton Goggins

Trevor Phillips may be the most outlandish, dynamic character in the game.  To truly emulate this eccentric persona requires an actor that can go beyond the performance and emote as well.  For this role, Walton Goggins can play the right amount of crazy.  We’ve seen him in "Sons of Anarchy," "Django Unchained," and many more diverse roles.  He’s known to go to the extremes in his performances and that’s exactly what a character like Trevor needs.

Lester Crest – Paul Giamatti

Few actors match the appearance of computer guru Lester Crest but Paul Giamatti could be made to fit the appearance.  While we’ve seen Giamatti give more than his share of critically acclaimed performances, but we’ve also seen a timid yet intelligent side of Giamatti that could be shaped into the team’s hacker point man.

Lamar Davis – Ludacris

If Ludacris could take a little from his role in "Hustle & Flow" and a little from his role in the "Fast & Furious" films, then I think we would have a great pick for Lamar.  Ludacris would be the catalyst for setting plans in motion but not the strategist for execution.  He would compliment Corey Hawkins’ character well as someone who has connections but needs someone else to make things happen.

Ron Jakowski – Woody Allen

This role choice would definitely not be a reality but it’s the first person I thought of when thinking of Ron.  The character is frail and nervous which is the epitome of Woody Allen in most of his films.  Clothed in some bulk glasses and a fisherman’s hat, Woody Allen would fit right in as the reluctant Ron.

Jimmy De Santa – Jonah Hill

I think this may be an obvious choice and despite having a small role in the game, the connection needed to be addressed.  Michael’s son Jimmy looks and sounds so much like Jonah Hill that I had to double check the voice actor after I first picked up the game.  There’s no questioning the decision as it is a perfect fit.


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