No, Rockstar *Isn't* Deleting GTA Online On Xbox 360 and PS3



Occasionally, we've taken this space to bring attention to the utterly woeful situation of "journalism" aimed at GTA 5. Since the game is a hot topic, a bunch of sites will pump out just anything to get them juicy clicks. Things have been bad before, but we've reached new depths today.

This Trash Though


With Rockstar's recent announcement that character transfers will cease come March 6, some kind of PR fallout was to be expected, even though they are absolutely right to do so. We've elaborated on the reasons why folk have pretty much no valid grounds to get upset. But this is the internet we're talking about, so obviously folks are getting upset.

Now, seeing as people lose their shit when character transfers are going away, imagine their reaction when they see a headline claiming that Rockstar is "deleting" GTA Online from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We're not taking the piss here.

Someone, out there, actually wrote that. And got paid for it. Someone approved this travesty.

This isn't on the Onion either, we're talking about a *cough* legitimate *cough* news site here, and not a small one either. One could assume that the writer's first language isn't English, and therefore misunderstood Rockstar's post, but we're talking about a (very) British publication here.

Gta Online Heists New Screenshot

We won't link to the site, because this filth really shouldn't be getting clicks, but if you're really curious, let's just say they're named after the big burning sphere of gas around which the planets of our solar system orbit.

Now, it really should go without saying, but let's nail down the fact that this *isn't* actually happening. Obviously. The character transfer feature is the only thing biting the dust, but the GTA Online servers will still run on the past-gen systems. For how long is anyone's guess, and chances are we'll soon hear that the multiplayer mode is going the way of the dodo on the two launch platforms, but today is not that day.

Aron Gerencser
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