GTA Online’s Bikers Unite For DLC

With the last of the April lowriders having been released a few days ago, we’ve come to the end of the GTA Online DLC that has been leaked. For the first time in months, the future of GTA Online is a mystery to the players. What will the next DLC contain? When will it be announced and when will it be released?

After receiving lowrider themed content for about half a year, players are a bit exhausted and hoping for something new and fresh. Ideas and concepts have been flying around for a while now. Police themed updates and single-player content are among the most popular requests.

However, the crown for most desired GTA Online DLC goes to the “Biker Update”. Such an update has been requested pretty much ever since Online launched and started receiving updates. Considering how biker crews are among the most common in the game and how popular “The Lost and Damned” was during VI’s run, that isn’t too surprising.


The MCs have now united in a way never before seen in GTA Online. 70 crews have come together to launch a massive popularity campaign for the Biker Update to convince Rockstar to make and release it. They’ve also kicked off a petition which already passed the 4500 signature mark.

It’s always been the bikers who’ve shown the most coordination and dedication among the crews of GTA Online. Some time ago, several biker crews banded together for a ride around the map to raise cancer awareness – an act which, for whatever reason, received a pretty negative response from the community.


The crews are hoping that their joint efforts, coupled with the petition will finally prove to Rockstar after all this time that they should create the Biker DLC that the community has been wanting for years. Considering they have a biker gang already established in the lore with a pretty central role in the story, it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

Considering GTA Online occurs before the story of 5 chronologically, Johnny Klebitz – protagonist of the previously mentioned GTA VI DLC – is still alive. Since this wouldn’t be the first time a character prominent in the story is used as a contact, he could be added to Online as a quest-giver.


Since new contact missions are also among the most frequently requested features, Rockstar would gain some serious karma with this move. Other hotly requested Biker DLC features would include several new bikes with extensive customization options an liveries, as well as character customization items such as clothing, tattoos and hairstyles.

Some of the wilder ideas included the additions of a Benny’s-style bike-only garage where you can perform extensive visual and performance modifications to your bikes. Imagine the end result resembling something that rolled out of Orange County Choppers. Various ideas for biker themed Adversary Modes have been tossed up as well every now and then. biker4

If Rockstar would go in this direction and create a biker DLC with new content that has a wide price range, they would make a killing and satisfy the community in one go. Since the Biker DLC is so desired, releasing it will motivate players to actually buy the news items.

Adding a few cheaper rides would give those players who aren’t all about the biker theme a taste of the new style, so they’d take a liking to it. This would then increase the number of players investing in the more expensive bikes and upgrades. This, in turn, would drive up Shark Card sales – and we know how influential those are.


In fact, considering this aspect, adding a “Benny’s For Bikes” would make even more sense from a financial point of view. Fully upgrading a lowrider is pretty damn expensive and if the custom bikes would go for similar prices, many players would buy Shark Cards to cover their expenses.

A DLC of this caliber would definitely bring with it a GTA Online Event Week. Usually, those events which celebrate DLC releases include a Snapmatic competition, where the prize is one million in GTA $. A Biker themed DLC would lend itself perfectly for a photo contest, resulting in some sweet shots.


It might also give Rockstar the chance to kick off Editor Competitions as well. The idea of having video competitions similar to the Snapmatic ones has been floating around for a while now considering how much quality content is being produced by the community.

Rockstar was really hitting things off with the major thematic DLCs last year. Freemode Events, Lowriders and Executives were all extremely well received, expanding GTA Online on massive proportions. This year’s mentality of less-more-often isn’t so popular among players, however. A return to form in the shape of a Biker Update is something the game needs.

Would you be excited for a Biker themed GTA Online DLC on a large scale?

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you’ll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. When not covering GTA news, playing an RPG or anything sci-fi related, Aron spends his time working on his novel.

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  1. who pays for shark cards? i bought a few when i first got this game then i learned money just falls from the sky… you can’t sell shark cards when you are unable to stop hackers from giving away free millions…