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With Import/Export coming up, we've all gotten a much-needed reminder that GTA is about, probably above all else, cars. The game is named after stealing cars, cars are the main thing you spend cash on, they affect gameplay significantly and they look damn great - well, some of them, anyway. GTA Online is filled to the brim with vehicles, and the vast majority of them are cars. With so many filling so many different roles, it's increasingly difficult to pick the best car in GTA 5. Nonetheless, we've set out to do the impossible: name GTA Online's best overall car.

Note: This list will be updated following the release of future updates.

So how will we tackle this gargantuan task? This list - consider it a guide, if you will - will first select a number of vehicles, each of which excels in a different category. Even if we crown an overall best vehicle, there might be a contender that is better in just one category.  Then, as our conclusion, we'll name the best all-rounder that all players should have in their garages.

Freemode - Any vehicle


First of all, let's look at the broadest categories - dicking around in Freemode. Incidentally, this is also the easiest to answer. You'll be spending most of your time in Freemode, going from A to B, hunting down some griefer who won't leave you be or participating in various events. Basically, Freemode is an amalgamation of pretty much every gameplay mechanic GTA Online has to offer, meaning you can't reasonably prepare for every situation you'll encounter.

As such, the only guideline as to what you should be driving in freemode in preference. Be it the looks, the sound, or the handling of any given vehicle, if you just feel it and like it, roll with it. What you shouldn't, however, be driving, is the Armored Kuruma. That thing is a bloody missile-magnet since most players will assume that you're the violent type if you drive that thing.

Racing - Annis RE-7B


Now, before you say anything, yes, we know that some races are locked to certain classes of vehicles. However, the majority of class-locked races are locked to supers, and non-class locked races will see most players pick supers anyway. As such, the best car for racing overall is the recently added Annis RE-7B. This ride was added to the game with the Cunning Stunts update, and while it may not be the swiftest ride in a straight line (anymore, that is - that spoiler glitch was patched), the vehicle's blend of handling and speed make it the best choice currently available.

The car does have a drawback, however. In the hands of an inexperienced driver, it may prove difficult to actually take off due to wheel-spin caused by the high-power engine. Another issue is the durability of the car without upgrades. If you buff up the car this shouldn't be a problem, but the stock RE-7B will fold from tougher crashes.

Missions/Heisting - Armored Kuruma


Yes, we said to avoid this ride in Freemode, but that is because the high number of assholes using this thing to troll legitimate players has attached a stigma to the Kuruma. That said, the armored variant of this ride is pretty much perfect for missions, and is basically a necessity for heists - especially the Pacific Standard Job. The armor plating effectively turns this thing into a bunker on wheels, protecting all passengers from most damage NPC enemies and throw their way.

All things considered, this car is durable, quick, easy to drive and a pretty good all-rounder for missions. The protection is a big plus, however, it doesn't perform badly in the other field either. If you need some solid backup while doing jobs, the Armored Kuruma is your ride.

GTA 5 Best Car (overall) - Schafter V12 Armored


We're sure some of you will disagree, but then whatever we choose, certain players will have different opinions. In any case, if you want speed, you want handling, and you don't want to get blown up by everyone in Freemode, this is the car to choose. The armored V12 handles like an absolute champ, and is one of the rides with the best traction in the game. While the speed of the car won't be competing with any of the supers, you'll be merrily on your way after that kid in an X80 crashed at a hairpin turn.

The armor plating is a definite bonus - you get the perks of an Armored Kuruma without looking like a bellend. The ride can take a shot from a tank or a sticky bomb without much fuss, and really, if you're around for the second of either, shame on you.

Which vehicle in GTA Online is your personal favorite?


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