Doc, You Built a Time Machine Out Of A DeLorean?



We're not screwing with you here. This might just be the genuinely coolest thing about GTA V at the moment, and that's saying a lot with GTA Online Freemode Events just announced.

We're going to forego tradition and avoid speaking about how modding a DeLorean into GTA V should have happened the day the PC version launched (honestly, modding a DeLorean into GTA V should have happened the day the PC version launched...). Nor are we going to discuss how this is such an obvious pairing (this is an obvious pairing), just because the fact that it freaking actually freaking travels through freaking time.


Paul Nigh's '' Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

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Have you guys comprehended this yet? It would practically be a sin for any owner of GTA V on PC who also happens to be a fan of Back to the Future to not download this.

While technically two separate mods, the DeLorean skin and the time travel mod are best used in tandem. The skin replaces the Spacedocker, and features a a custom paint job and some sweet neon lights. The interior is also fully modelled and textured after the time machine seen in the films, and in recent updates the textures have bee updated.

The important part of this whole thing however, is the time travel mod. A whole time travel suite is built into a car when using this script, as well as adding flying capabilities. The time travel works like in the films – input your temporal destination into the time circuits, and get driving. When you hit 88 mph, the vehicle warps into what looks like an explosion, leaving back flaming tyre tracks. Following this, you respawn in the same spot, just at a different time of day, with different weather settings and the NPCs will be in different places. If you check the mod's page, you'll see what is probably the funniest and coolest sentence ever written in history:

"Fixed bugs in travelling through time."

What a time (no pun intended) to be alive! The real question though, is how many of our readers are old enough to remember Marty McFly?


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