Los Santos Tuners Guide to All Contracts & Payouts

GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners features a ton of content catering to car enthusiasts as well as heist and mission lovers. The DLC features new vehicles, properties, and a brand new progression system. In addition to all that, we have new "mini-heists" in the form of contracts. These contract missions are a unique mission type and pay generously, combining elements of both heists and quick jobs such as the VIP Jobs.

These contract missions are available once you've purchased an Auto Shop and have completed the setup mission. Feel free to check out our complete Auto Shop buying and setup guide here.

The contracts will be available on the job board inside your Auto Shop. These contract missions are given to you by both Sessanta and KDJ (Moodymann). There are eight contracts to play.


Job Board with Contracts In The Auto Shop

The job board also shows the number of contracts that you've completed in the top right corner and your total earnings from doing all the contracts in the bottom right corner.

The contracts on the job board always cycle through in random order and there will only be three contracts on the board at any one time. If you complete one contract, then you cannot repeat it immediately. You'll need to complete the other contracts to get a fresh set of three contracts on the board (and for that one to therefore be unlocked again). This mechanic is similar to the one we saw in the Casino Heist where the same approach to hit the casino couldn't be used unless we did the other available approaches first.

In this guide, we go through all the contracts and the best strategies to complete each contract. Note that these contracts are doable solo, and in fact, this guide focuses on completing each contract solo. Of course, feel free to get your friends on board, and if you know how to complete them solo, you can definitely complete them in co-op.

The following is a list of all the available playable contracts in the game:

  • The Agency Deal
  • The Bank Contract
  • The Data Contract
  • The ECU Job
  • The Prison Contract
  • The Superdollar Deal
  • The Lost Contract
  • The Union Depository Contract

Each of the above contracts has three separate missions within it - two planning jobs and one finale.

Contract Payouts

Whenever you get the total payment for completing a contract, KDJ and Sessanta always take 5% each (total 10%) cut from the payment. We've stated both the payouts (before and after the cut) below. For some reason, KDJ and Sessanta didn't take any cut from the ECU job.

Payouts Table

Contract Target Gross Payout Net Payout
Agency Deal Recipe $182,000 $163,800
Bank Contract Cash $178,000 $160,200
Data Contract Files $170,000 $153,000
ECU Job ECU $172,000 $172,000
Prison Contract Gang Members $175,000 $157,500
Superdollar Deal Bank Plates $185,000 $166,500
Lost Contract Meth Supply $180,000 $162,000
Union Depository Contract Gold $300,000 $270,000

The Agency Deal

The agency deal contract has three missions: Entry Point, Security Pass, and The Raid.

Entry Point (Planning Work)

In Entry Point, you are tasked to find and take a picture of the underground tunnel schematics, followed by finding the actual secret entrance to the IAA facility in the tunnel.

First, you will be asked to go to a certain location that is heavily guarded. You will always find three office trailers inside the location.

Three office trailers

The schematics, blue in color, always spawn on the office desk inside one of these trailers. The spawn is always random, and it is different every time you do this mission.

To gain access to the compound inside, most people blast through the guards. You do not have to go aggressive, though. You will notice the company truck leaving the compound when you arrive at the location.

Company truck leaving the compound

Wait for the truck to leave the compound, move your vehicle in front of it, just a little further away from the actual compound, and steal the truck.

Hijacking the company truck

You can then use this truck to drive inside the gated compound and pass the security undetected.

Using the truck to get past the security

Once in, you can look inside the trailers to see which one has the schematics. After identifying the correct one, park your truck and go inside the trailer.

The blue schematic identified
The blue schematics found inside the office

Take a picture of the schematics and send them over to Sessanta.

Sending the schematics picture to Sessanta

After successfully taking the picture, make your way back to the truck and drive back outside the same way you came in from. Now, you can go back to your original vehicle.

Leaving the compound in the company truck

After that, make your way to the subway entrance.

Entering the subway tunnel

Keep following the tracks until you reach the central junction.

Following the tracks to the central junction

When you reach the central junction, you need to find and take a picture of the secret IAA entrance. It will be the green door to your left with an orange CCTV camera poster and an electrical box on the wall next to it. It also has a keypad next to the door—all these just scream IAA.

Central junction

Take a picture and send it to Sessanta.

Taking the picture of IAA secret entrance

Once done, leave the area to complete the Entry Point mission.

Leaving the tunnel

Security Pass (Planning Work)

To enter the IAA facility through the discovered entry point in the previous mission, you need a security pass. That is what we obtain in this mission, you need to take out a corrupted agent and get his IAA entry pass.

We recommend going with either an Oppressor Mk II or a Buzzard, which is easily available as a VIP vehicle from the interaction menu.

When you reach one of the two possible locations, you will see an airplane and many guards surrounding it, as there is a deal going down at the site.

Deal taking a place

Take out the guards and try to destroy the plane as well if you can. The agent will eventually run out of the plane and into an armored vehicle. You can either take out the agent before he reaches the armored vehicle or destroy the plane he resides in. In both cases, he will be eliminated and drop the pass.

Interrupting the deal by attacking

When a message 'Take out the corrupt agent' appears on your screen, that is when he is out of the plane.

"Take out the corrupt agent" message pops up

Once the agent has been eliminated and you have a window of opportunity, grab the pass and then deliver it back to the Auto Shop to complete this mission. If you're using an Oppressor, you don't even need to get out of it. Simply drive over the pass, and you will pick it up.

Security Pass laying in the ground after the agent was killed

You will have guards spawning and resisting as you make your way back to your Auto Shop, but keep driving, and you should be fine.

Reaching the Auto Shop and delivering the security pass

The Raid (Final Job)

The final job is combat-heavy. We highly recommend that you stock up on snacks and buy the maximum number of super-heavy armor you can.

Super Heavy Armor

When starting the mission, select 'Heavyweight' as your weapon loadout, as it has a strong pump shotgun Mk II and a Micro SMG.

Selecting 'Heavyweight' weapon loadout

When it comes to cars, it doesn't make any difference. You can either select one of your custom DLC cars that you might have bought or go with Sessanta's custom yellow tailgater.

Selecting the vehicle

When the mission starts, first make your way to the tunnel entrance as instructed by the game.

Entering the tunnel

When you reach the tunnel, keep driving until you reach the IAA underground entrance. After reaching the entrance, park the car right by the stairs. We need the car as close to the stairs as possible for an easier escape.

Parking the car right next to the IAA entrance

Use the stolen IAA security pass to gain entry into the secret IAA facility.

Using the IAA security pass to unlock the door

As soon as you enter, a gunfight will erupt. Quickly take cover by the red toolbox right in front of you.

Gunfight starts upon entering the facility
Taking cover by the red toolbox

While in cover, take out the agents and continue moving forward. Be very careful here, as some of these agents have shotguns and deal a ton of damage. Prioritize killing the agents with the shotguns first.

Moving forward while taking out the enemy NPCs

Always keep an eye on your health and armor bar. Keep refilling them using snacks and armor if needed. Do not rush here as it is very easy to die. Take your time, clear, and then move. You only have 1 team life.

Keep moving forward until you reach upstairs and before you go through the doors at the top of the stairs. You should know there are always four guards to your left just outside the Interrogation Room, your destination.

Stairs leading to the second floor

Use the door as a cover and eliminate the guards. Enter the interrogation room, and you will be welcomed with a cutscene.

Using the door as cover at the top of the stairs
Cutscene plays after reaching the interrogation room

After the cutscene, you need to make your way back down and exit the same way you came in from. More guards would have spawned in the same area again.

As you try to leave for the stairs again, two guards will rush you. Be ready and take them out first.

Two guards rushing you after the cutscene

While making your way back down, a single guard will always spawn behind you on the top floor where the interrogation room is, and he will always rush you. So, keep an eye out on your mini-map for any red circles with an arrow pointing upwards.

A guard about to come through the door upstairs

You will need to clear the whole area once again before making a run for the exit.

Clearing the same area again
Exiting the IAA Facility

As soon as you're out, get in your car and hit the road. Keep moving forward and exit the tunnels.

Getting into the car to escape
Driving to the tunnel exit

Once you're out, you will find blockage by the cops in front of you. Don't worry, as we won't be going that way anyway!

Cops blockage ahead

Turn left and jump into the Los Santos River and follow the river to the Sewer Tunnels entrance.

Los Santos River

The custom indicator below shows the exact location of the entrance. Make your way to the tunnel, head inside, and wait until the cops have stopped looking for you.

Sewer Tunnel Entrance Location
Tunnel Entrance

After losing the cops, make your way to the recipe location in peace.

Waiting in the tunnel until the wanted level goes away

The recipe is always buried underground at the marked location. The location is always random but within the yellow highlighted area.

Yellow Highlighted Area

You can identify the dig site by looking for bulging sand from the ground. When you get closer to it, you will get an option to dig.

Bump in the ground indicating the location of the recipe

After digging, you will get your recipe. Deliver the recipe to the client to complete this mission.

Recipe delivered to the client

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