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GTA Trail Guide for Off-Road Mountain Climbing

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Reddit user TezzaMcJ has created a visual off-road trail guide for the areas in GTA 5 around Mt. Chiliad. It includes a map of the area, with the main trail labeled, a list of vehicles that work the best, and numerous trails marked according to difficulty.

If you're interested in giving it a try, you can use the guide to quickly tell which routes have beginner-level difficulty, which have intermediate, and which have advanced. It also includes paths for limited cars, paths that haven't been completed, and "extreme terrain," all clearly marked.

Check it out and see what you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mt Chiliad in GTA 5?

Mount Chiliad can be found in the Blaine County area in San Andreas. It should is in the northern part of the game's map.

What are the best GTA off-road vehicles?

The best GTA off-road vehicles for off-road mountain climbing are the Mesa, for beginner and intermediate-level trails; the Rebel, for intermediate and advanced levels; the Sandking for advanced levels; and the Sultan RS and the Sanchez for extreme terrain levels.

What is Mt Chiliad in real life?

Some players speculate that Mount Chiliad could be based on three real-life California mountains: Mount San Jacinto, Mount San Antonio, and San Gorgonio Mountain.


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  1. Going to have to try these out. Are there any newer trail guides or is this the latest? Just not sure if anything has been updated. I was banned in 2016 so I have not played in a long time!

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