GTA Online's RE-7B Glitch Is Breaking Races

A recently discovered and more than a little odd glitch in GTA Online has made the racing scene pretty volatile. This is especially unfortunate due to the recent revitalization that particular activity has enjoyed thanks to the Cunning Stunts updates bring Stunt and Premium races into the picture. The worst part? The glitch often results in a disadvantage for the user, but is often used nonetheless.


GTA Online is no stranger to vehicle bugs, however this is to be expected when you have such a massive number of cars in the lineup and a constant influx of DLC muddying the status quo every month or so. Back when Rockstar was still often adding new cars to the lineup of Benny's Original Motorworks, the Banshee 900R was bugged, and the upgraded version was objectively worse than the stock car.

After some time, the glitch was corrected, briefly turning the proper 900R upgrade into the fastest car in the game. Of course, there were many other options to choose from when faced with racing, so the glitch didn't really harm anyone that time around.



This time, however, people with stronger PCs or even newer displays can exploit a new glitch, turning one of the fastest cars in the game into the fastest car in the game. By a lot. Ridiculously. The Annis RE-7B racecar was added to GTA Online with the Cunning Stunts update, and immediately shone as one of the best vehicles for racing events (surprise?).

However, a recently discovered glitch, which could be called an exploit, has sent race balancing to whack. Take an Annis RE-7B, slap a carbon spoiler onto it, lower the suspension to the lowest possible point and keep the stock tires. The result will be a very odd effect boosting the speed of the vehicle up to, and sometimes beyond, 190 mph. For reference, the car should be capped at around 125.


But why did we mention stronger PCs and better displays earlier on? The glitch is linked to framerate. Every time the frame updates, the glitch causes the car to "bump downwards", through the floor texture, which then forces the model back out again suddenly, resulting in a kind of "shooting" effect, propelling the car forward at a quicker pace.

Currently this only applies to the RE-7B, and only in the configuration described above, making this glitch even more peculiar. Sure, odd errors in the code - or even compatibility issues not caused by human error - result in pretty specific conditions to produce an abnormal effect, but this is particularly strange.


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We've mentioned that the glitch often results in a disadvantage. This presents itself in the fact that the car, when glitched, practically cannot turn (meaning even less than usual) and overshoots pretty much every checkpoint set after a jump. Several threads have sprung up across GTA focused discussion boards about the glitch, with many mentioning these particular disadvantages.

I have a glitched RE-7B, and it can sometimes even be a disadvantage. I fly over checkpoints way more often than with other cars, and turning corners can be a major bitch. I've lost more races than I've won because of the speed, just on the jumps alone. - BigDogAlex, Reddit

Another issue with the glitched RE-7B is that if another car so much as taps you on the bumper, you'll spin out with such fervour that even the most extreme of Hollywood stunts would be humbled by the display. Of course, this is assuming you are a skilled driver. If not, no assistance is required to spin this beast out.


In spite of the dust this glitch has kicked up, there has been no word from Rockstar Games regarding a fix. It didn't take too long for the Banshee 900R to be fixed, however it was a longer period of time than has passed since the discovery of the RE-7B glitch, so a fix might be around the corner. At least, we're hoping for it.

Currently, the glitch has pretty much broken GTA Online races to the point where many players simply leave the moment they notice an Annis RE-7B blazing ahead of everyone, though in some cases, the mere presence of the vehicle results in disconnects.


This is also one of those cases where a glitch needs to be purposefully exploited due to the rather specific criteria, and put others at a potential disadvantage. Seriously, guys, don't use this. It's cheap, underhanded and quite pathetic. If you have an RE-7B, you already have one of the fastest cars in the game, no need to glitch for an easy win.

Even glitched, it takes quite a bit of skill to prevent the car from spinning out, so if you're hoping for this glitch to help you ace races in spite of it not being your cup of tea, think again. Really, there is no reason to exploit this glitch, seeing as it brings more disadvantages than advantages and won't help players who lack skill.


All this thing does it break races and sour the newest, most popular feature of the game - Stunt Races. Plus, keep in mind that if two people are glitching in the same lobby, the one with the higher FPS will be faster. Is it really worth it? Either way, hopefully a fix for the glitch will be dropped soon.

Have you seen this troubling GTA Online glitch in action?


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