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GTA Online After Hours Content Modded Into Single Player

The Grand Theft Auto 5 modding scene is booming as ever, and in keeping with an age-old tradition that arose ever since we learned that the fabled story DLC will never arrive, the content of the latest major GTA Online DLC has been modded into the game's single-player portion to allow solo players to enjoy the new goods.

Jedijosh920, a modder we have featured extensively in our long-running mod coverage, has brought a fully scripted and functional version of the GTA Online player-owned nightclub to single player.

Featuring almost full functionality, all the animations, all four resident DJs and real-time customization, it is as complete an After Hours experience as you can have without multiplayer features.

In a lengthy 8 minute video, the author demonstrates all of the working features of the nightclub. At the entrance, you can manage the club by talking to the receptionist, which brings up the same menu as seen in Online.

You can customize the club's theme from the same three options, choose its branding and switch between the four available DJs. All of this happens in real time, right in front of you.

Heading down into the club itself, you'll first reach the bar - the club layout is also a perfect copy due to this mod basically transplanting official assets into the solo portion of the game (instead of attempting to recreate it from scratch) where you can order drinks.

Unfortunately, the infamous Macbeth shot that knocks you out only to have you wake up somewhere else in the game world isn't available.

The dance floor is also fully functional allowing you to perform all of the dances available in Online, all with working animations. When buying champagne, the protagonist will shake it up and spray it about the same way your character does in Online - really, the only indication that this is a mod is the occasional flickering texture.

Jedijosh920 even added a custom feature - you can add and play your own music to the mod, so that any track you wish can play in your nightclub. Joining this feature is full 3D audio and dynamic crowd support, meaning in some respects the mod even improves upon the original content.

You can download it here.


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