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You Can Now Alter the GTA 5 Shooting "Deadzone"

Gta V Deadzone Settings

Among the many features added in yesterday's GTA 5 update are new settings options. One of the most notable is the ability to adjust the "deadzone," for both first-person and third-person gameplay. Thanks to fans on Reddit, you can see the third-person deadzone setting in the above screenshot.

The deadzone, if you're unfamiliar with the term, refers to the amount of time between when you move the analog stick and when movement on the screen actually begins. If you've noticed a tiny delay while aiming, that's the deadzone.

Some players thought it was a problem, but apparently Rockstar intended it as a feature, since it's now controlled by a slider. According to the update notes, you should lower the deadzone if you want aiming to be more responsive. It's unclear what benefit a higher deadzone has, if any.

This isn't the sort of thing most people would think about changing in the settings, and some of you might have even wondered what it was when it appeared after the update. The deadzone is more noticeable in first-person than in third-person, which is probably why Rockstar decided to implement this setting now.

Other new settings you can now change include the speed at which you aim or move the camera and whether or not the camera will automatically point ahead when you begin to walk forward. Play with all of these settings to make the GTA 5 controls ideal for you.


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