Bug Found in Single Player Stock Market, Players Making Millions

Update: This bug has reportedly been fixed in a GTA Online patch released November 26 2014.

A bug has been found in both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V that enables players to exploit the stock market and reap millions or even billions.


The cheat is for single player only so we don't have any issue with people using it, in fact here's the instructions:

  1. Get to around 27% completion of the single player game. You should have just finished a mission called "Did somebody say yoga?".
  2. Go to the browser on your phone, Money and Services, and the LCN stock exchange. Buy as many LifeInvader shares (LFI) as you can.
  3. Do this for each of your three characters.
  4. Go back to your first character, go to their safehouse, go to bed and also save your game.
  5. Then go back to the LCN exchange on your phone and sell all your shares. If you ignore all the warnings telling you you are losing money, you should still make millions of dollars.
  6. Repeat this with all your characters, and then repeat the whole process over again.

Let us know if you use this new cheat and how much money you make!


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  1. I just find something else in 10% with 13%
    I go in BAWSAQ market and I find stock almost free from Whiz 0.001$
    I buy with Franklin after the side quest 100.000$ how much I can and now I am on 15.5% from the game with 7 million dollars..
    I let the money inside maybe I win more 😉

  2. I actually found this out myself... did it around 25% completion and it still works. What you do is buy all you can of the lifeinvader stock on all 3 chars... no matter what the dollar amount per share is.
    Save your game.
    When you reload the game, go to sell the stock... it will be higher than you bought it for, between 2% and 160% but usually between 30% and 70 %
    once you have sold, you rest for 8 hours.... go to the bed but don´t save when it prompts you.
    Once rested, the stock is down again and you buy....
    Once bought, you save your game.
    Rinse repeat,
    Stock will be higher when you load your save than when you saved... so its a no brainer.
    This is verified by me on xbox one... and I actually didn´t think anyone else had done it before, as it does not come up on searches.
    Cheers Jake

      1. It didn't seem to last time I checked, just to see if it would. I deleted the update file and went offline. Unfortunately it didn't work. However I did not try completely deleting 8gb install file. Only the 2gb update file. Unless somehow the patch was applied to the install file, it won't work. The only thing I didn't try was a full re-install from the disc. Didn't think I had to do that on the ps3 like I did on the ps4. Maybe sometime I'll try that. But I'm leaning towards a strong no. This glitch only seemed to come to light on the ps4 version.

    1. You don't have to do the yoga mission. Watch the video tutorial. I did this straight after I unlocked Trevor and it works perfectly.

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