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John Marston as Father

Some of you might remember John Marston from the Red Dead Redemption series. If you sign up to the Social Club then he is available to select as your father as part of the character creation process. Head to the "Dad's Mother/Dad's Father" option and then press either Y (Xbox 360) or Triangle (PS3). Marston will then be shown as your character's father.

Keep/Sell Merryweather Jeep

After calling in the Merryweather Mercenaries in GTA Online you can actually take the Merryweather jeep and either customize and mod it for yourself (you can make it your personal vehicle) or you can sell the jeep to Los Santos Customs and recoup some of the cost of calling the mercs.

Leaving Engine Running and Headlights On

  1. Be in your car with the headlights on.
  2. Leave the car and punch the air (seriously).
  3. Get back in the car, let the engine start and then get out again.
  4. The engine will stay running and the headlights will remain on too!


Lester can help you out with lots of problems you might encounter in GTA Online. Like if you're being chased by the cops give him a call and he might be able to facilitate a bribe - lowering your Wanted Level. Otherwise he might even be able to hide your radar blip so you can sneak around without being noticed. The "Hide My Blip" option can also be very helpful on Last Team Standing jobs...

Level Requirements

When doing a mission only the host needs to be the required level. This means that anyone can play (and reap the rewards of) the mission regardless of what level they are.

Lifestyle and Character Stats Guide

If you're wondering what choices to make in terms of lifestyle when creating your GTA Online character then have a read through this guide which explains each of the different lifestyle options and the extent to which they'll affect your character stats and attributes.

List of All Properties

If you want to know all properties that are available to purchase then simply go to the internet browser on your cell phone and head to Dynasty 8 (it's under "Money and Services"). At Dynasty 8 you'll see every single property you can purchase along with prices.

Looping Missions

In order to loop missions now, right after you hit the like button at the end of the mission, just make sure that everyone presses RT (Xbox 360) / R2 (PS3). This will instantly restart the exact same mission and drop you straight into it. Great for farming cash!

Loser Perk

If you are in a Deathmatch and die three times without getting a single kill then you will be given a Loser Perk to try and help you improve. Once it's given to you, you'll notice it in the options in the bottom right of the Wasted screen. That's where you can choose to activate it.

Lose Wanted Level Free

In order to lose your Wanted Level for free in GTA Online just follow these steps:

  1. Obtain Wanted Level.
  2. Press Pause.
  3. Enter Store relevant to your console.
  4. Exit store and go back to game.

And you shoud lose your Wanted Level!

Making Insurance Claim Tip

If you need to make an insurance claim and want the relevant vehicle delivered straight to you garage, then simply get in another personal vehicle before calling the insurance company and making the claim.

Since you can only have one personal vehicle in the open world at once they'll deliver it to your garage.

Thanks DapperChewie

Making Money Online

GTA BOOM now has its own community discussion forum! Chat directly with our guide creators, ask questions, & get tips and advice.

Executives and Other Criminals bought with it loads of super yachts and other uber expensive vehicles. However if you become an Executive under the new VIP system then you get access to two very well paying jobs that can be completed quickly. For the full rundown check out this detailed post.

Max Driving Skill

Follow the steps outlined below to max out your driving skill in just 20 minutes:

  1. Host a job and pick a race, Rockstar created.
  2. Choose Criminal Records, 50 laps, standard race.
  3. Pick a fast vehicle (motorcycles are good).
  4. Keep on racing until you hit 100/100 driving skill!

Thanks dickwad69

Max Strength Stat

If you want to max out your strength stat in GTA Online here's a way to do it in just 10 minutes!

All you do is get a friend to jump into a car and then you start meleeing that car repeatedly.

It should take about 10 minutes for your strength stat to hit the maximum and will mean you punch and kick harder, climb ladders faster, are better at sports and take less damage in certain circumstances.

Mechanic Car Delivery

Once you get your first garage (you can buy them separately or they otherwise come with all apartments) you'll also get a Mechanic who'll be able to deliver your personal vehicle to you at all times - whether you're on a mission or in free roam mode!

Mechanic Collects Impounded Vehicle

If and when your personal vehicle gets impounded then you should call you Mechanic and ask him to deliver to you any other vehicle. He'll actually go and collect your impounded personal vehicle.


Medkits are in GTA Online in the form of snacks and drinks that you buy at convenience stores. To use one, simply press and hold Back on the Xbox 360 (Select on the PS3) and then scroll down to Action --> Select a snack or drink --> press A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3) or M (PC) to use it and get back some health.

Menus: Scroll Faster

While you're looking at any menu in-game (like the custom paint job menu in the mod shop for example) if you press and hold RT (R2 on the PS3) then you'll scroll through the items much faster.

Merryweather Mesas Location

Head to the location shown below and you should find that some Mesas have spawned. Be warned though, you'll need to be heavily armed as you'll need to fight for them!!

Mesa Spawn Location

Merryweather Security

At level 12 you will get a phone call from Merryweather Security and they will be added to the contacts list on your cell phone. You can then call them up and ask for help on missions, they are expensive though, and not all services unlock at the same time!

  • Ammo Drop: $1,000 (Rank 12)
  • Backup Chopper: $5000 (Rank 20)
  • Boat pick up: $250 (Rank 25)
  • Chopper pick up: $1,000 (Rank 30)
  • Mercenaries: $7,500 (Rank 35)
  • Airstrike: $8,000 (Rank 50)

Meth’d Up Mission Faster

When doing this mission it's a good idea to just run (or better yet drive) to the RV and then drive straight (and we mean straight) to the drop off point. This means you should be driving off-road most of the way and will also mean that you avoid a lot of the bad guys you'd otherwise encounter.

Military Base Entry

You can check out one method of getting into the military base in this video, but there's another way too. Simply roll down the hill shown in the map below and it will get you over the fence! The other way is probably a lot more fun/entertaining though!

Military Base Roll

Thanks br14n

Military Base with No Wanted Level

Check out this video to see how you can get in the military base in GTA Online without attracting a Wanted Level. Basically it involves starting a deathmatch with a friend and then simply jumping into the base by using a fast car to bolt down a hill and leap over the fence...

It gives you a 5 minute window in which to get what you want/need and then get the heck out of there!

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