GTA Online Freemode Events Much Bigger Than Announced

Rockstar recently announced GTA Online Freemode Events, the gameplay DLC featured in update 1.29 that is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Freemode Events will wipe away the lobbies, menus and loading sceens of GTA Online, making the experience miles more immersive, and will also add a significant amount of open-world jobs and missions you can join just by being nearby. The titular Freemode Events spawn randomly every 12 minutes, and each time players are prompted whether or not they want in on the fun. Four such events were revealed with the official announcement of this GTA Online DLC, but there are many more coming on September 15.


Penned In – All competitors must stay inside an ever moving and shrinking area, knocking each other out to make space for themselves. If you stay outside for too long, you’ll be penalised (i. e. die).

Criminal Damage – Blow shit up. That’s it. There is also a time limit.

Hunt the Beast – Possibly the event getting the most media coverage, Hunt the Beast sees one player transformed into a semi-werewolf, and the remaining players need to hunt it down. Thing is, the werewolf has increased health and is invisible all the time save for a few seconds when reaching one of the 10 designated checkpoints.

Challenges – Typical open-world challenges; longest skydive; most vehicles stolen; lowest parachute deploy; most near misses.

Moving Target – The first player to deliver one specific vehicle (intact) to the designated drop-off point wins.

Kill List – A vehicle is marked, and once the minimum number of players enters it, waves upon waves of enemies spawn. You know what to do with enemies, right? Also comes in a competitive variety.

Checkpoints – 120 checkpoints spawn in a given area, either in land and sea or in air based on variant, whoever collects the most within the time limit wins.

Time Trial – Typical Time Trial race, competing against Rockstar’s milestones and global leaderboards.

Hold the Wheel – Players fight to be the one driving the marked vehicle when the 5 minute timer expires.

Hot Property – Get the briefcase, keep the briefcase, knock the briefcase from enemy hands. The longer you have it, the more points you get.

Dead Drop – A briefcase is indicated on the map, as well as a delivery point. Make sure you’re the one who gets it to its destination.

King of the Castle – Featured in the announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events. You need to gain and keep control of a given area or building, defending it against the other team.

That’s a solid lineup. Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online Freemode Events?

Aron Gerencser
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