GTA Online Freemode Events Announced, Coming September 15

Well, that’s that folks. All that speculation, all those rumors, all that data mining, all that waiting, has come down to this.

Today Rockstar Games has announced that the next major content update for GTA Online will be Freemode Events. Freemode Events are meant to vastly expand the GTA Online experience, making it feel much more like a full blown MMO, with massive leaps in immersion. Also, as per the announcement Rockstar made a while back, the update contains the new and updated Rockstar Editor, now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.


The largest and most significant feature of the update is making GTA Online a seamless multiplayer experience – no lobbies, no loading screens, no menus. All you need to do is pick whether you want to be put together with friends, crew-members or random players when you are firing up GTA Online Freemode. And after that all you need do is wreak havoc in Los Santos.

The update also adds several new activities to the game. King of the Castle pits teams against one another with the goal of reaching a designated “castle” and holding onto it while the other team tries to take control. In Hunt the Beast, one player is mutated into a semi-werewolf with unique abilities, and the other players must hunt and kill the titular beast. Ambient vehicle challenges have also been added to the new update, giving you bonuses for high numbers of near-misses and the like. The update also adds to the game two brand new Adversary modes wherein players need to drive a four-wheeled bomb and conquer enemy territory.

These are just the features that have been announced, but the trailer and announcement post both bring with them the ambiguous “and much more” notes, meaning there are likely a host of unannounced features for players to discover come September 15.

Are you guys looking forward to GTA Online Freemode Events?

Aron Gerencser
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