GTA Online Combat Week Blasts In (And Out)

After last week’s time trial event gave skilled racers a time to shine, Rockstar has taken the newest week-long event in a direction which isn’t referential to any of the words in the game’s name. That is, unless Merryweather has conquered the entirety of the English dictionary while we weren’t looking.


While many players had hoped that after last week’s rather lofty promise of a massive amount of new content-rich updates that this week would see the release of major GTA Online DLC, it was to be expected that Rockstar would get the small things out of the way.

Among others, Rockstar had announced that they will release a large-scale follow up DLC to Executives and Other Criminals. Executives Vol.2 promises to introduce a whole new player-run black market mechanic – but you can read more about that, as well as the overhaul to the Content Creator in the relevant article.


While massive, groundbreaking DLC is cool and all, it’s not all GTA Online is about. Some time ago, Rockstar added the In and Out Adversary Mode to Online. Many players assumed it would be followed by a map-update, since it only launched with three playable locations. While the big announcements stole the spotlight, this was also confirmed last week.

Now that Rockstar has unveiled the new event week coming to GTA Online, we also know when the new maps will be added. Unlike previously, when DLC content was staggered compared to the launch day of its respective event, the three new maps are already available, but more on that later.


GTA Online’s Combat Week, lasting from the 13th to the 19th of May, takes the focus off cars and puts it on guns. Lots of guns. Big guns. If you’ve been looking to expand your arsenal, or want to rank up quicker by ending lives, this event is perfect for you.

If you feel your garage needs more punch to it, Warstock Cache and Carry has you covered. A wide range of armed vehicles, such as the Insurgent, the turreted Limo, the Rhino Tank or the feared Hydra are all on sale. Any vehicle you by from Warstock will be cheaper by 25% of the total price.


Merryweather is also slashing the prices of their services while the event lasts. Whether your ammo belt just ran out, or if you absolutely, positively need someone to die by airstrike, the shady PMC is happy to serve with half-price catering. If you ask them, revenge is best served hot – like napalm.

However it isn’t just the large vehicles and spectacular services that can be yours with a lighter price-tag. All sorts of products facilitating personal defense are also discounted by our good friends at Ammu-Nation. Rifles, both of the sniper and regular kinds, as well as ammo and projectiles are 25% off all week. If you’re more of the passive type, firstly, why the hell are you playing GTA Online? Secondly, body-armor can be purchased at half their regular price.


Ranking up is serious business in GTA Online – as serious as the killing of other fellow humans is. As such, all jobs which involve filling the obituary section of next day’s paper will be rewarding our resident psychos with double RP. This means that Deathmatch, Last Team Standing, Capture and all Adversary Modes will help you level up twice as fast.

Alongside these all-week deals, there will also be some rotating event playlists going on which either offer double RP and cash, or only RP. First, through the 15th, the new In and Out maps will offer double GTA $ and RP. After that, through the 17th and 19th respectively, two playlists comprised of Adversary Modes will offer twice as much RP.


If you thought that is a bit convoluted, just you wait: Playing any map of In and Out all week will offer double RP and Cash. We’re not quite sure if this stacks, meaning that the new In and Out maps will offer 4x RP and GTA $ through the 15th, but that would certainly be novel.

Speaking of In and Out, as we mentioned earlier, three new maps for the latest Adversary Mode have been released when the event had begun. Players will now be able to partake in frantic tactical action in the Grand Senora Desert, the LSIA and in Dignity Village. Whether or not the new maps and the possibility of 4x the cash reward will boost the player numbers for In and Out, proving to everyone that it really is quite fun.


If you’re not quite sold on the idea of In and Out and would rather observe a match before giving it a try, or are simply unable to play GTA Online at the moment, you can always check out Rockstar’s special event livestream on their Twitch channel.

Which part of GTA Online’s Combat Week are you most excited about?

Aron Gerencser
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