GTA Online 1.29 And Rockstar's War On Hackers

With the release of the 1.29 update for GTA Online mere hours away, players all across the globe are itching to try out some of those new and crispy Freemode Events that were recently announced by Rockstar. However, a sizeable chunk of those players, namely the ones who's chosen platform for their criminal exploits in Los Santos, is a PC.


As is true with any multiplayer game, there are people out there who just don't know how to lose, and decide to crap in the communal soup just because they happen to suck. Thing is, hackers exist on all platforms, not just PC, but it is always the keyboard warriors who take the brunt of Rockstar's retaliation.



Hacking and cheating in GTA Online has become and increasing issue in recent months, and Rockstar has been trying to clean up the streets of Los Santos with methods of varying severity and efficacy. As our regular readers might know, modding is a big thing on the PC, with a large and vibrant community striving to make the single player experience of GTA V more fun, quirky or visually appealing. This is all well and good, and Rockstar condones single player modding, but the problems start when people take their mods online.

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Back when update 1.27 released, Rockstar simply killed off all and any mods. This was considered an over-reaction by many, and it did not take long for experienced modders to work around the block. The peaceful "legal" modding could then continue, but unfortunately so did online hacking. It wasn't until 1.28 that Rockstar got really mad. That update introduced a method which would, on paper, make modding in GTA Online extremely difficult and time-consuming, but SP modding would be left alone.

On paper.

What 1.28 ended up doing was mess up the game's code, screw over legitimate modders everywhere, and break unmodded versions of GTA V entirely. Event machines with several Titans in SLi were pulling single digit framerates due to optimization issues. Eventually, Rockstar rectified the issue, but we can only fear what sort of anti-modding measure they will be adding to 1.29 to secure the safety of players in the new seamless open-world of GTA Online Freemode Events.

How frequently do you guys bump into hackers in GTA Online?


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  1. This article is absolutely horrible. The context is relatively vague and has no point to it. In fact this article might aswell have been a facebook status.

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