Check Out These Epic GTA Film Posters

Fandoms have a way of attracting and inspiring some of the most creative people out there to produce art themed after the subject of said fandom. GTA V is no different.

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There is countless artistically capable fans out there showing their appreciation for Rockstar's blockbuster video game through paintings, drawings, tattoos, graphics and other visual arts. A growing trend among video game fan art is the creation of minimalist stylized movie posters based on the games of the artist's choice.  Many beautiful works of art have been born thanks to this, and it was about time that the GTA franchise got its fan-made minimalist poster treatment, brought to you by Tom Van Dijk.

Let's look at these in release order, shall we? GTA: Vice City is the oldest installment of the series to get its new poster. It's more or less what you'd immediately think of when hearing "GTA: Vice City minimalist poster": palm trees, the Vice City skyline in the background, Tommy Vercetti and a whole lot of pink. The poster fits the game's atmosphere perfectly.


Poster Vice

Next up we have the legendary GTA: San Andreas. SA got an easter-egg filled poster, with a famous cheat code written on the side of the train, and the label for the bumper buttons on gaming controllers appear on its front. The infamous quote of the infamous mission in the game is also plastered all over the top half.

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Poster Sa

GTA IV's poster tries to tug the heart-strings with a beautiful sunrise silhouette of Liberty City, and Niko out on the docks alone, staring at the open trunk of a car surrounded with blood stains. In the clouds above the city, the line Roman keeps repeating in the phone is written with large letters.


Finally, we top this amazing collection off with the GTA V poster, displaying the deadly trio in full heist gear.


Which poster is your favorite?


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