New GTA Online Adversary Modes Coming With Freemode Events

Adversary modes in GTA Online were added back in March, along with the heists. These missions, which you can acquire from Martin Madrazo, are competitive multiplayer matches, typically team-based, and a fun way to get yourself some nice GTA $ and RP payouts while having some fun with friends or strangers. Until now, there were three adversary jobs available.

Come Out To Play featured three runners who had to reach safe zones before the hunters took them out. Siege Mentality has teams of four and six duke it out, with the smaller team defending a fortified location with several weapons, while the six attackers come at them with infinite lives and sawed off shotguns. In Hasta La Vista, up to four players, in team of 2, would either be trying to crush cyclists as truckers, or would be trying not to get crushed by truckers as cyclists.


GTA Online Freemode Events, the massive content update coming with patch 1.29, will be adding two new Adversary modes to the already expansive game, along with a wealth of other additions and improvements. One of these is Hunting Pack, which, despite the name, is far removed from the aforementioned Come Out To Play. Hunting Pack features a vehicle rigged to explode if it is travelling too slowly, which needs to be delivered to a specific location, while the enemy team is hot on your trail, trying to tailgate, crash, ram, batter, or knock you off course, straight into a firey death.

Cross the Line is possibly the most tactical of the Adversary modes in GTA Online. In this new mode, two teams of heavily armed and armored soldiers will duke it out in a neutral zone between their respective territories. The goal is to get your whole squad over the enemy border.

Are you looking forward to the new Adversary modes coming to GTA Online?

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