GTA V Story DLC Exists - For Real, It's Coming. Seriously.

Stop the presses! Something seemingly inconceivable has been uncovered by reputable data miners. This isn't just some random, vague reference in the code either, but it appears to be conclusive evidence with screenshots of a new interface, files and a single player DLC management system. This is the holy grail of GTA V data mining, this is the discovery of the year, and possibly the best Christmas gift the community could have possibly received.

LondonTown2004, a name already well known in scripting and data mining circles, recently uncovered some new files in GTA V which serve as the framework of a new DLC management system - a system that is geared towards the game's single player portion. These files aren't currently among regular installs and must be retrieved from a QAB server in use by Rockstar. Which, in turn, is impossible to do unless you know your coding and aren't afraid of a little illegal activity.

However, once the files are in place, you can manually install the DLC management system, which is exclusive to single player. The data leak also suggests that there will be several single player DLCs, and at least some of them will be paid. LondonTown2004 was greeted by a lock-screen which stated that the DLC was not authorized, and that it must be purchased.


Once he circumvented the lock, he discovered some changes to the pause menu, which now included a bright blue "DLC" label, which in turn opens the management screen we've been talking about this whole time. The system will allow players to manage activated DLC, presumably allowing them to "turn" it on or off at will.

As with other games with a paid DLC system, if you have a save file which has DLC items in use, but the account does not own the DLC, it will only allow you to access said save if you accept that the game will delete any content in association to the DLC.

What kinds of story DLC do you hope to see in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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