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GTA V Meets Magnum P.I.


We often encounter crossovers with GTA V that seem pretty much obvious after a bit of thought on the subject. We often wonder why things like the Fast and Furious Rockstar Editor remake should have happened much sooner? How the Mario Kart mod should have probably been the first mod ever made for the game?

This isn't one of those articles. Instead we're going to witness the recreation of a TV series. A TV series which, at the time, was moderately successful, but by today the show has become fairly obscure. Magnum P.I. starred Tom Selleck and his mustache as Thomas Magnum. Despite what the name would have you believe, Thomas was not a porn star, but in fact, a private investigator (he didn't investigate privates). The 80's were like that.

Magnum lived in a Hawaiian beachfront estate (still not porn) with another man (goddamit), who happened to be ex-MI6. His expertise in security is what made the estate's owner invite him, and during his life at the estate, Magnum continued his work as a private investigator. He, and his three compatriots get up to all sorts of trouble, usually linked with whichever case Magnum is working on in the given episode.

Now, all of this is good and well, but how does any of it fit with GTA? To put it simply: it doesn't, but who cares? That's the point of the Rockstar Editor. It lets you do with GTA V whatever you want.

In this video, Tom Selleck's Magnum is portrayed by Trevor because who else...? With some other familiar GTA V characters jumping in to fill the other major roles. As always, the video is extremely authentic, fitting the original opening sequence perfectly. For those of you who aren't familiar with the series (chances are that's most of you), here's some help:

Did any of you guys ever watch Magnum P. I.?


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