GTA V Meets Ken Block's Gymkhana 7

You're excused for not quite understanding that headline. Some of you guys who follow rally racing might know the name of Ken Block, who has been rather active on the rally racing scene since 2005, and is currently the leader of the Hoonigan Racing Division. Block has also been active in other active sports such as snowboarding, motocross and skateboarding.


Others might be familiar with Block as one of the co-founders of the rather famous DC Shoes brand. However, where most of you might know Ken Block from would be Gymkhana 2, the 4th most viewed viral video of 2009. Now, that's a whole lot of views on a video, and just like in the movie industry proper, popularity breeds sequels, and now in total there are 7 Gymkhana videos.

But what, essentially, is Gymkhana? Well, it's lots of cars doing car things, with lots of product placement. There is drifting, there are water balloons, burning tires and unbroken vases staying unbroken. It is all quite visually stunning and assaulting. Now, the whole "cars doing car things" is where we can make the GTA connection. It's cool, it's over the top, it's excessive, and it involves cars. Boom, perfect match, right? Well, one GTA player seems to think so.

GTA Wise Guy is a Youtuber who, surprise surprise, uploads videos about GTA. In his most recent Rockstar Editor creation, he remade the 7th Gymkhana video in GTA V with stunning authenticity. The recreation is a perfect scene-for-scene adaptation, featuring all the stunts, camera angles, and mid-video ad inserts, just using GTA-verse fictional brands. Putting something cool, over the top, excessive and involving cars into something else cool, over the top, excessive and involving cars is the peak of guilty pleasure meta.


Do you guys often try to pull off stunts in GTA Online? With how much success.

Aron Gerencser
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