GTA 6, Red Dead 3, Or GTA 5 Story DLC? POLL

Like them, hate them, find them interesting or view them with disdain, we can all agree on the fact that leaks make up a major part of the Rockstar Games fan discussions and press. Leaks of all kinds related to the work of the world-renowned game developer are being posted pretty much on a daily basis, though leaks related to the next installment of the GTA franchise, potential story DLC for the current one, or even a new Red Dead game seem to be the most popular.

Poll Ban

Poll Ban

But the question arises amidst all the fake information and hype: what does the community really want? That is what we're here to find out. As one of the most frequented fansites out there related to GTA and Rockstar Games as a whole, we can safely assume that a poll hosted on GTA BOOM will be good authority on the opinion of the wider community.


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Fan-speculation about GTA 6 has been floating about the internet pretty much ever since 5 was released. People have been asking when it will arrive, where it will be set, what kind of characters the player with control or meet and more over and over. Rockstar is mum about the game, though we have it on tentatively good authority that it is being made.

The silence of the official source has not stopped the press from generating and regurgitating a set of rumors about the game regarding location and some celebrity voice actors. The circlejerk of a dozen or so sites which are otherwise entirely focused on things other than video-games re-posting the same BS rumors for extra traffic has besmirched third-party GTA focused news reporting - but we digress.


Another unreleased potential project that has been the subject of leaks time and again is the fabled story expansion of GTA 5. This is different from the other options as it started out as much more than a rumor. An official post on the Rockstar Newswire confirmed that the tale of Trevor, Franklin and Michael would be continued in single-player DLC. Well, we're still waiting.

That said, the topic of why story DLC won't really be coming has been run into the ground. With the popularity of GTA Online, it makes much more sense from a business standpoint to funnel resources into creating more free DLC packs for it to generate microtransaction sales, instead of making a massive investment into SP DLC which only a fraction of the community will buy. That said, the demand is still overwhelming.

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However, it seems the community is less interested in further adventures with the trio of the main story and would prefer wreaking havoc on the HD version of Los Santos with either returning characters from previous games, or entirely new faces made specifically for the given DLC.

The third option on the list actually seems the most likely to be made based on the E3 hype-train they had going that ending up amounting to nothing, followed by an unconfirmed report that a national tragedy resulted in the last minute cancellation of the first official reveal. Reveal of what, you ask? None other than Red Dead 3.


Now, if you've been looking at second grade sites scrounging for clicks, you might have gotten used to seeing "Red Dead Redemption 2" mentioned, however that is erroneous. Redemption was the second game in the Red Dead franchise, preceded by Revolver. As such, if the open-world wild-west "Grand Theft Horse" franchise does get a new game, it should technically be referred to as Red Dead 3 until we learn the official subtitle.

While GTA may be the most popular and successful franchise made by Rockstar Games, after three years of doing nothing but, the fans might be hungry for a change of scenery. RDR recently made a splash by becoming officially backwards compatible on the Xbox One and breaking sales records instantly.


There we have the contenders. The three most-wanted "next steps" from Rockstar Games. But which one is the most-wanted? That is what we are here to find out. The poll attached to the article will be open for two weeks, after which we will post an article on the 21st describing the results, and what this might mean for the future.

Place your votes! Which project would you want to see made first?


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