Free GTA Online Organisation Name Change

Over time, especially since the release of the PC version, various technical terms for unorthodox gameplay occurrences have popped up in GTA V which might be hard for some players to wrap their heads around.


The most frequent three are Glitches, Hacks and Mods. The latter two require some sort of external files or programs to occur, while the first is entirely internal. Mods are fan made content packs that add to the single player mode of GTA V and are perfectly okay to use as long as you disable them when going Online.


Hacks are basically mods used Online in order to gain an unfair advantage. Whether they're mod menus, trainers or any kind of regular mod left active while in multiplayer, they count as hacks and will bring down the fiery wrath of Rockstar upon you - and rightfully so. Luckily, the recent upgrade that the anti-hack systems of GTA Online received have mostly cleaned out the streets on PC.


Finally, you have the glitches. These are inherently found within the code of the game. Whether they are programming errors or simply functions that somehow clash, the only thing that differentiates them from bugs is that they are in some way beneficial to the players.

Since glitches are technically part of the game, they are somewhat of a grey area. Some players are vehemently against them, others think they are OK - because "they're in the game". Just know that Rockstar still might roll back your unfair gains, changes, or worse. Our view on them is generally, if they are harmless, we're OK reporting them to our readers.


The recently released Further Adventures in Finance and Felony places players at the head of a criminal organisation as its CEO. Your illegal outfit is tasked with making a fortune through various black market deals by buying and selling contraband.

CEOs can customize said organisations, primarily by naming it. You can also alter the font of the large logo in your office if you're feeling flashy. However, once you've confirmed a name choice, it costs 250,000 $GTA to rename it again - something of a small fortune.


One player however has discovered a way of doing this for free. On consoles, changes to your bank account balance are periodically saved, not per transaction, meaning that shutting of your console immediately after changing the organisation name will result in the name change being recorded, but upon logging back in the $GTA 250K won't be deducted.

This unfortunately doesn't work on PC, as that version of GTA Online saves your bank balance every time a transaction occurs making such a bypass impossible.


Of course, this isn't particularly realistic, since such administrative changes carry a pretty damn large price-tag in the real world too, but a man's got to eat, right? Money is hard enough to come by in GTA Online as is. On that note, make sure to take advantage of the Shark Card promo going on right now, wherein buying cards will net you more in-game cash than otherwise.

Has the hefty price tag kept you from ever renaming your GTA Online organisation?

Aron Gerencser
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