GTA V On PC Reaches Lowest Price Ever

GTA V being on sale has almost reached the point where it no longer is newsworthy - almost, because gaming discounts are always newsworthy. This year has already seen several GTA V discounts and promos on various platforms and now with Easter being here, we can expect even more discounts and sales gracing the game.


When not on sale, GTA V has managed to retain full price ever since launch three years ago. Even among AAA blockbusters, this is a rare occurrence as most games drop in value a year after release, if not sooner in some cases.

This is balanced out by the fact that there is practically never such a time that GTA V isn't discounted on any of the platforms, at any retailer.  With the wide range of digital distributors vying against each other to dominate the market, the best way to fight that battle is to offer the cheapest product.


The previous lowest record price for GTA V on PC - and, by extension, on any platform too - was held by digital retailer site Green Man Gaming, better known as GMG. This record was set approximately half a year ago and wasn't broken since, despite there having been more GTA V discounts in that time than countries in Europe.

Yup, it's a games sale
Yup, it's a games sale

However the time has come for the record to fall - and it falls hard. Back when GMG was stealing headlines, it did it with a sale that allowed players to buy GTA V for $38.40. The new record, set by another big players in the digital distribution market,, beats that price by over ten bucks.'s current discount on GTA V's PC activation key sets the price at $26.71 (71 cents? Really?), marking the lowest price anyone could ever legally purchase the game for. Of course, going through channels of... questionable legality could get you the game for a bit cheaper, though digital key re-selling sites have had their unfortunate run-ins with developers in the past.

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Meanwhile, Steam has also put a discount (an actual discount) on GTA V, slashing the price of the base game as well as Shark Card Bundles. The sales are nowhere near as significant as what has on offer, but they're decent.


The base game has been discounted 33% percent, costing 40.19€, the Great White Shark bundle is discounted 26% costing 44,14€, the Whale Shark Bundle is discounted 30% costing 53,57€ and finally the Megalodon Bundle is discounted by 31% costing 66,73€.

The individual Shark Cards have also had their prices slashed, with the Whale Shark Cash Card discounted by 25% costing 28,49€ and the Megalodon Cash Card discounted by 30% costing 52,49€.


Despite the occasion, Steam has seemingly skipped hosting an Easter sale and instead has simply thrown a discount on a number of titles without much of an explanation. Their GTA V discount isn't of much note considering you'll get much better deals elsewhere, however for players who already own the game on Steam, the cash card sales might be worth checking out.

Did you guys get GTA V on sale, or did you buy it full price?


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