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Master Import/Export

Import/Export brought an all-new way to make cash in GTA Online, however if not done right, it's also an easy way to lose cash. Importing and exporting stolen vehicles can turn into an even better source of income than running crates if you're paying attention to what you're doing.

There are a few things to look out for when running these jobs. While having a mate or two along is useful in any situation, it's crucial here as it allows you to sell multiple vehicles in one go, greatly improving efficiency. Import/Export puts both importing vehicles and selling them on a time after each one you complete, however with multiple players along for the ride, you can sell several cars within the same cooldown cycle, saving you a lot of time.

You also need to make sure to censor what you spend time on what you won't bother with. Whenever you source a car, it's a coin toss as to whether it will be high-value, or some cheap crap selling for pocket change. Generally, abandoning a mission for a cheap car might not seem logical, since you'll just be put on cooldown with nothing to show for it, however there is a way to get around this.

This method was discovered soon after the update launched.  If you roll a cheap car for your sourcing, you can just search for a new session. Once you've loaded in again, you'll be able to source a new car without waiting for the cooldown. Do this repeatedly until you roll a high-value car. This way you'll be filling up your vehicle warehouse exclusively with valuable cargo, without wasting effort on the cheap models.

An alternative way to boost efficiency is to ensure that vehicle damage remains low when you deliver to your warehouse, thus cutting losses caused by having to repair the bloody thing. You'd think lagging out to your own lobby would help, since there are no griefers around, but the AI in the game has been tweaked to make NPCs more violent and unpredictable when you're driving a sourced car.

Your best bet is to grab a cargobob and airlift the car to safety. In this case, hostile NPC aircraft may spawn to chase you, in which case your best bet is flying low and fast to avoid most of the damage to your cargo, saving on repair costs.

Many players seem to forget about, or ignore, the collections feature of the update. These are shopping-lists of specific cars which, when delivered together to the same buyer, grant a sizeable cash bonus. Session-hopping is a great method in this case as well, as it allows you to specifically grab just the cars needed to complete the collection in significantly less time than is required when doing it manually and waiting out the cooldown.

Another thing to remember is that saving money is almost as good as making money, so remember to do the missions for the special vehicles whenever they are unlocked. Not only do these shave off large sums from the prices of these rides, but some of them - like the job associated with the amphibious technical - actually pay out well in spite of being pretty short. While farming these won't make you rich quickly, it is a great and profitable way to pass the time between two selling cooldowns.

Incorporate Gunrunning And Smuggler’s Run

Additional DLCs bringing more gameplay opportunities based on the same basic business-oriented gameplay loop have joined CEO work and Import/Export over the months. Through raw number crunching, you'll see that these just aren't as efficient as the time-tested crates+businesses+vehicle exports on their own.

However, if you incorporate either or even both into your established money-making routine, switching out one of the existing methods every now and then the losses will be negligible and the added variety will make the whole effort seem like less of a grind. If you keep an eye on weekly GTA Online events you'll see occasional double payouts on these activities when doing them is outright more profitable. If you build them into your technique by default you'll have enough practice to make the most of the double reward promotions.

Of the two, Gunrunning is minimally more profitable and gives you access to MKII weapons upgrades. These make any activity that requires combat markedly easier so investing time and money into those upgrades will have a positive effect on your in-game wallet in the long run.

Since these businesses work on the same basic principle as CEO work and Import/Export - namely acquiring the product, storing it in a warehouse, then going on a sell mission - veteran players who spent a lot of time with those two will feel right at home.

Passive Income Through The Nightclub

Nightclubs owned by the player generate income on their own, depending on upgrade state and popularity. You don't need to interact with it, complete activities or do anything, and it will make money on its own. To offset the utter convenience of that, it doesn't make a lot at all. However, over time, it adds up.

A fully upgraded nightclub at maximum popularity will generate GTA$ 10,000 every 48 minutes (real-time). Keeping popularity high is easy as the missions to do so are quick and simple. You can fit one or two in while you wait for cooldowns and the like.

Utilize Nightclub Warehouse And Technicians

Your nightclub can be of use beyond generating meager passive income. By the time After Hours was released, GTA Online was so full of various business types that keep track of them all was a challenge in and of itself. For enterprising GTA Online players who set up several businesses, the nightclub is a godsend.

Basically, from your nightclub warehouse, you can manage all businesses, store all types of product and even generate product for free. This is a massive game changer for several reasons. Firstly, the nightclub warehouse isn't just a united platform to manage your warehouses, but a separate warehouse in and of itself. This means you can conduct business as usual while adding the capacity of the nightclub warehouse to it all.

Beyond this, the technicians you hire can generate any kind of product for free which means you only need to worry about the sell missions, saving you a lot of time and money. Using the nightclub warehouse to its full extent will earn you a massive increase in profits. With the best possible configuration, the nightclub warehouse can earn you GTA$ 60,000 an hour with barely any effort on your part.

Save The World

With The Doomsday Heist, Rockstar brought the first new heists to GTA Online since... well, Heists. More difficult but also significantly more rewarding, if you replace regular heists with The Doomsday Heist on your schedule, you'll end up earning a lot more GTA$ with the same time investment. The requirements and recommendation for joining such a heist are much the same as with regular ones - don't even think of it without body armor - but you need to be prepared for harder fights.

MKII weapons wouldn't go amiss, however a recent DLC added two weapons that make the heist significantly easier. The two space-ranger laser weapons do extreme damage, have a high rate of fire and do not require reloading, so if you pack those bad boys the heist will become a breeze.

The Ultimate Method

The ultimate money making method in GTA Online right now comes from the harmonious synthesis of Import/Export and the hybrid crates+businesses method discovered in Bikers, supported by passive income from the nightclub and the occasional Doomsday Heist run. It will take a bit of calculation, but if you line up your cooldowns and selling missions, alternating between vehicle imports, vehicles exports, stocking your businesses, selling products, buying cargo and selling cargo, your empire will run like a well-oiled machine and you'll never have a monetary worry in GTA Online again.

If you follow this guide and made good use of the nightclub warehouse then you can either 1) cease to worry about stocking your businesses and relying solely on that, significantly cutting back the time required or 2) add it to your loop, meaning more activities but also significantly more profit.

These are the methods that will fill up your GTA Online bank account the quickest. As you can see, there are plenty of techniques beyond simply grinding Pac Stan, so there is no need for getting rich in GTA Online to turn into a boring chore. We're sure there are some other techniques out there, so feel free to share your preferred method of acquiring cash in game!

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