GTA V is Largest PS4 Game Yet at 50 GB


Thanks to user daltontigerboy from GTAForums, we’ve learned that a pre-order page for GTA V on PS4 has appeared on the European PlayStation Store. The page, pictured above, lists a minimum save size requirement of 50 GB – that’s pretty hefty!

This will make GTA V the largest PS4 game so far, coming in just ahead of Wolfenstein: The New Order. Wolfenstein has a minimum save size of 48 GB. Another large PS4 game is The Last of Us Remastered, at 43.5 GB.

For a better comparison, the PS3 version of GTA V lists a minimum save size of 18 GB. The Xbox 360 version was 16 GB, so we can assume GTA V for Xbox One will be around the same size as it is on the PS4.

50 GB is massive! Most of the space will probably go toward the many enhancements, but it’s still a big jump. What do you think about this discovery? Might be time to upgrade that next-gen hard-drive…

Samantha Lienhard
Long-time staffer Sam might have been relatively new to the world of Grand Theft Auto when she joined, but has quickly caught up to speed on the world of Los Santos and all that it entails. You’ll find most of her posts in the news section, while she also maintains many of the other guides and other information pages you’ll find scattered around the site.


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    1. Yeah that’s with stuff on it that you have added, Came like in Stock Wolfenstein was 48GB, GTA 5 is coming stock as 50GB, So GTA V file size will get even bigger just like Wolfenstein stock has.

  1. When a AAA game gets released in the EU, it supports three or more languages. That’s why. If you want to see the real space it takes up, look at the NA version.

  2. when i watch the first trailer, that highway… oh man, that highway at night, all those cars, lights.. i feel like watching a cnn live feed, instead of a game. i spent dozens of hours driving with the cockpit view, throught the hills in vinewood…it felt too real. i can’t even imagine it on the ps4. it’s gonna look insane.

    in the same trailer, when franklin walks with his dog, near the road, at night… characters look life-like…

    it’s just insane, the work that is being done, on the textures side. not only textures will look incredible and much more realistic, but rockstar is also adding more stuff, grass, animals, much more people walking in the streets.. tons of cars…

    i stopped playing gta5 on my ps3, by 65% completion, i want to start it from scratch, on my ps4 (when i buy it, in a few months).

    the game is looking incredible. it’s not just a simple 1080p update. rockstart is adding 10X more stuff, everywhere, everything is getting better textures, lights are being improved, cars during gameplay could look better than gta6 cars, in photo mode !

    just one thing i wish they will correct : it is sooo frustating, when we’re somewhere, on the top of a mountain, at +3000 meters, we grab a sniper riffle, we shoot a car, a house, no matter what, 10 miles away, and in the next 3 seconds, there are 30 cops, that came from nowhere, that will appear in the top of that mountain, and there is nothing we can do.

    i wish cops took a little more time to arrive, like, if we are at 3000 meters high, cops would have to climb the mountain as well, before reaching us, instead of popping up from nowhere.

    otherwise, i am sure gta5 alone will sell another 2-3 million ps4. the work being done is so amazing, that all the pc guys who don’t have a huge computer, with a big 4k or 1440p capable monitor, and will be forced to play at 1080p, they would better play it on the ps4.. there shouldn’t be a huge difference in graphics between ps4 and a computer, running the game at very high-ultra settings, at 1080p. ok, there is the modding stuff.. but not everybody want to mess with ini files, textures packs, etc etc.

    one thing is sure: most gta5 ps3 owners, like myself, will grab gta5 on the ps4, and will buy a ps4. this is gonna be a true system seller. specially if it gets released these holidays.

    1. And then just think of the ultimate PC version! Think of all the graphics mods it will bring. Even modded GTA IV looks insane already. It’s pretty obvious that even at 1080p PC version will be superior in every way, 60 FPS with native 1080p. The consoles might not even render native 1080p, but upscaled 900p with 30 FPS like many next-gen games.

      1. mm, rockstar are real good devs. when i watch the ps4 trailer,what they are achieving on a little 1.6Ghz cpu can be called a miracle.
        it’s just not a resolution upgrade: they are adding tons of new stuff, more objects, more cars, better textures, more npcs, better lighting engine, cars look fantastic, even mountains, which were just a bunch of repeated textures, are looking incredible, the grass, animals,everything.
        no, it’s not just an upgrade. it^s a damn hard work.
        of course, if their engine can do this, we can imagine how awesome the game will be, on some powerful pcs, at 4k. they are going to melt, with eventual ultra-highdef textures pack 🙂
        on pc, with mods, the game will be like in real life. if the ps4 looks that good, pc will be at least 3-4-5 times better(with some highend rigs, of course), and it will look insane.

        not like the watchdogs joke game, that can run with a 10 yo graphic card, at ultra settings. watchdogs on pc, compared to gta5, will look like 1o years difference.
        and ubisoft is making it again, with ass creed unity, and their 900p for consoles: once again, they are after some quick seasonal -holidays cash, and they will barely update last year engine, as a result, while the next aass creed game is already the 2nd generation of games, for them, as they already made black flag for next gen consoles, next UNITY game should be maxing out the ps4 and xbox one power. they now should understand the system architecture, with final drivers, better routines, better engine, etc etc, and should be able to extract at least 2 or 3 times more power from next gen consoles. but instead, they will follow the call of duty path : 10 years with the same old engine, making copy/paste every year, and still selling 10-20 million copies, and making + 1billion $ cash. that’s why they don’t give a fuucck about making the game run at 1080p on next gen. and PC gamers will suffer as well: the engine will not exploit the tons of power gamers have, with big graphic cards, 16 gb of ram, extreme editions of cpus, etc etc. graphics will look bad, with low res textures, so the game can run even on simple 200$ laptops.

        rayman already ran at 1080p, on the ps3 and x360, and even on the wiiu. yet they have released it on next gen consoles, with barely no difference, where they could have made it raytraced, or 3 times better looking. but no. copy&paste from ps3 version.

        and now, this unity is becoming a joke. 900p for everybody, and ps4 owners will have to play a game that could be using 100% of the power, but instead, it will be locked by a political decision. bravo, gentlemen.bravo.

        back to gta5, YES, the mod community will be doing some fantastic things. when we see how gta4 can look, with their old engine, but with highres textures, i ^m almost scared, thinking about how insane it will look on pc. if rockstar let mods load huge uncompressed textures, then gta5 will look like a movie, for will be insane.
        if course, we, console owners, we are already happy with what rockstar is doing with the ps4. frankly, it’s looking amazing, and when it’s out, the ps3 version will look like a god of war PSP hd version VS god of war 3 on the ps3. the difference will be HUUUUGE.

        good to be a gamer, man. 🙂