GTA Online: Gunrunning's Mobile Ops Center Rumored To Be Trailer

Rockstar Games recently revealed the first details about the upcoming Gunrunning DLC alongside a handful of screenshots. The post teased many of the features as opposed to outright describing them, including something that sounded a whole lot like a badass supervillain kind of mobile HQ, and now it seems that we have a near confirmation on it.

Described only as "massive mobile operations centers", these vehicles were played up to be particularly impressive additions to the game, and when they are coming in a DLC which will set you up with a secret lair in an abandoned bunker where you'll develop new military tech, it sounded like something straight out of a comic book.


Our guess as to what kind of a vehicle it will be was a heavily armored semi truck with a trailer in tow that has the mini HQ set up inside. And if one of the GTA community's most trusted leakers is to be believed, our guess turned out to be right. Of course, no matter the credentials that back them up, leaks are always suspect. No information that comes from a source other than Rockstar can be accepted as completely credible.

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That said, Yan2295 has a good track record with respect to leaks. He shared this particular tidbit on the GTAForums recently, in a thread dedicated entirely to this mysterious new vehicle. Other theories that came up included an aircraft carrier and a Titan plane with the cargo bay outfitted with a command center.

The "Mobile Operations Center" is a huge trailer hauled by a truck.

Yan's leak comes after a relative downturn in leaks springing for DLC recently. Not much was revealed of other updates in the past few months save for the models of the Infernus Classic, Turismo Classic, and Hijak Ruston. This is a significant decrease compared to the leaks of yore when we knew the full content of an update a month in advance, provided we'd also managed to sort out the credible leaks amongst the tide of fakes.

We'd guess that the mobile ops center will be somewhat customizable, both visually and in terms of functionality, which would definitely increase the appeal of our trucker fort. Of course, having something like this is cool on its own, but what's the fun in having a massive armored command truck if it looks identical to the massive armored command truck of every other player in the lobby?

GTA Online's recent round of bonuses puts the release date of Gunrunning on the 13th of June.

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