GTA Online Bikers DLC Confirmed

It’s official. This is not a leak.

The hotly anticipated and long-requested biker themed DLC for GTA Online, which has been requested by players since the launch of the multiplayer mode and even produced an extremely popular petition is finally coming. As you might imagine, countless fans are showering Rockstar with praise on pretty much every outlet there is.


While the official post itself is a two-screenshot teaser with some features vaguely described, we now know enough to be incredibly stoked. The post reads similar to the short teaser we got a while back about Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and Cunning Stunts. Based on some of the features described, it turns out that at least some of the info that was leaked earlier was correct.

Players will be able to create and manage their own one-percenter MCs with up to 8 members. Different ranks and titles will be assigned to the members, of which “New Prospect” and “Club President” have been officially confirmed so far.


Bikers, which will be the name of the DLC, is also slated to bring a massive suite of gameplay content. Both PvP and co-op missions will be added, and we’re assuming the former will be MC vs MC action, while the latter will involve building up your illegal businesses. Based on the second screenshot, this new business management mechanic will include running your own seedy drug-lab.

The obvious addition to the game will be a ton of new bikes as well as new properties which will act as clubhouses. Rockstar is seemingly implementing a feature similar to one of our suggestions, namely a Benny’s-like special upgrade shop for bikes allowing you to customize your metallic steed.


GTA Online will also be expanded with new thematic clothing and tattoos in the Bikers DLC, allowing you to truly dress like a one-percenter with plenty of leather apparel. Weapons will also be added, like always, however we don’t have any indication of what they will be.

There is no projected release date, not even a ballpark like “next month” or something. The only thing we know is that Bikers is coming to GTA Online “soon”. We’re kind of inclined to think that it won’t drop in September, but rather early October, since we’re clearly looking at a pretty big and substantial DLC here.

Are you stoked about the upcoming release of the Bikers DLC for GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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