GTA 5 Shark Card Bundle On "Character Transfer Deadline" Sale

Chances are you've heard the news that Rockstar is leading the character transfer system to the gallows come March 6th, since it kicked up quite the storm. While it's entirely justified that the developers are phasing out more and more services related to the older generation of consoles, controversy arose when it was realized that transfers between current gen consoles to the PC version of GTA Online will also be ceased.

Bully Merch

Gta Online Ill Gotten Gains Screen

However, all that aside, Rockstar is now giving players even more incentive to upgrade - as if upgrading or consigning to the oblivion of being restricted to dying platforms without any way of saving your progress wasn't enough of an incentive. Fans who still play on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 can now purchase the Enhanced Edition of the game at a 30% markdown.


Now, the Rockstar Newswire post and the promotion description on the Warehouse indicate a "bonus" $GTA 1.25 million, which makes it seem like buying the game now on the newer platforms will get you some free cash to help you set thing up with all that new content available through DLCs released since Ill Gotten Gains, which was the last update on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Gta Online Ill Gotten Gains Screen

However, the catch is that the base game on its own isn't available from the Warehouse, only the Great White Shark Card Bundle, with said Shark Card accounting for the "bonus" $1.25 million. Also, the sale is technically only currently live for the PC version, as it seems the Warehouse website is under maintenance. It's live and accessible, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of GTA 5 are nowhere to be seen.

If you're interested in the promotion, you should keep an eye on the Rockstar Warehouse to see when they get things sorted and properly listed. Not to worry though, as you still have time to grab the game before the deals end. For physical copies of the game on either platform, you have until the 21st of February to order the game, to allow for the copies to arrive before the deadline for the service. Digital copies of the game for PC will be available at the 30% discount all the way through the 6th, since digital purchases are "delivered" instantly.

Gta Online Ill Gotten Gains Screen

As pre-orders for Red Dead Redemption 2 are available via the Rockstar Warehouse, players are advised to not purchase a pre-order for RDR2 alongside their emergency order of GTA 5's Enhanced Edition since the two will be delivered together - when RDR2 is finally released.

This isn't the only addition to the Warehouse, as the catalog of the online storefront is permanently expanded with special, Bully themed merchandise that was previously only available to winners of the special Social Club sweepstakes that ran back when the game was released in a remastered format for mobile devices. Between that release, and the game's addition to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program, the game gained a lot of new fans, plus many old ones came back to relive their memories, so demand for the items increased.


The new stock includes the Bully Dodgeball, four shirts composed of the Bullworth Academy Crest Tee, Bully Logo Tee, Bullworth Academy Mascot Tee and Property of Bullworth Academy Tee, a Property of Bullworth Academy baseball cap and cases for iPhones and iPads. All of these items are listed on the Warehouse and can be ordered, however, they will only ship on the 24th of February.

Whether you're a long-time Bully fan who's been waiting for a chance to wear your fandom or a player who hasn't upgraded to an Enhanced Edition of GTA 5 to transfer their character to, these new additions to the Rockstar Warehouse are a great chance to amend these.

Aron Gerencser
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