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This is page 5 of our general hints, tips and guides for Grand Theft Auto V single player (story mode). If you have any hints or tips of your own, feel free to send them in!

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No Resistance at Military Base or Prison

You need to have done the mission "Three's Company" for this hint to work.

Choose to replay the mission and at the end of the mission when you need to fly back to the start point (after destroying a bunch of helicopters) you should take over the controls as Trevor (the alternative is to be Michael and let Trevor fly).

Anyway switch to Trevor and then you are actually able to fly off anywhere on the map including to the prison or military base and you won't encounter any resistance! You are actually free to do what you want and can land and shoot a few military personnel or prisoners and they won't do anything.

The base alarm will go off, but nothing else will happen. Just don't go too far from the chopper or the mission will fail!

No Wanted Level - Enter Fort Zancudo & Elsewhere

Fort Zancudo is the US Army and Air Force base in GTA V. You can find it in the middle of the map in the west coast (check out our Ultimate GTA V Map).

Usually you'd get an instant Wanted Level wandering in there, but here's how to get in without one...

First you need to begin the second hunting side mission which is called "Fair Game". After you've killed 3 elk Cletus will leave and you're meant to finish the mission. Don't. Instead simply drive to Fort Zancudo and no alarms or anything will go off, nor will you get a Wanted Level!

This lets you grab the Lazer figher jet or whatever you want and store them in your garage. Just don't fail the mission by making a lot of noise (Elk - which you meant to still be hunting - don't like noise!).

You can also use this "cheat" to explore any other part of the map that you wish without raising any alarms or getting a Wanted Level!

Nuclear Waste Locations Guide

There's 30 containers of nuclear waste scattered around the map and if you get all 30 you'll unlock the "Waste Management" Trophy/Achievement.

In order to even start collecting them you first need to purchase the "Sonar Collections Dock" property for $250,000 using Michael - and you'll only be able to do this after first completing "The Merryweather Heist" mission story.

Pick up the nuclear waste with the submarine that spawns at the dock. The submarine contains an App called "Trackify" which is a radar that will help point you to the next piece of waste.

Note if you do all this at once it will take you around two hours, although you also get $23,000 per piece of waste you find and a $250K bonus at the end.

Numbers on Character Portraits

When you are switching characters you might have noticed some number displayed in the character pictures. These simply indicate the number of activities and missions that are available for each character.

Old Cars Warning

Note that if you're in a rush (like trying to avoid getting shot to pieces by the Police) then try to avoid old cars. In GTA V they can sometime be harder to start (it's the little details - thanks Rockstar). Also you might notice that the brakes have a tendency to squeak.

Online Shopping

If you're going to buy something that is available both online (in-game) and in bricks and mortar stores, then always buy it online. It will usually be cheaper than in actual stores (just like real-life...).

Opening Van Doors

To take the doors off the back of a van (you'll be asked to do this during missions, and also when you want to rob a security van for cash) you need to either shot the door handles or blow them off completely with explosives. Randomly shooting at the entire back doors won't work!

Orange Skull Icons

Ever wondered what the orange skull icons on the map are? They indicate special rampage missions which are only possible to do with Trevor.

Parachute Spawn Location

Head to Mount Chiliad in the north-western area of the map (it’s a fair distance). You find the parachute on the middle grey "wire” platform, right next to the cable car at the top of the mountain.

Pausing Cut-Scenes

Press Start to pause any cut-scene in Grand Theft Auto V.

Your partner/kid/wife/husband/friends will thank you for it!

Police Awareness Indicator

If you want to know when you've successfully avoided the police and they are no longer aware of you, watch for your player arrow icon on the mini map to turn grey. This means they no longer know where you are.

If it's white they still know you/are aware of you/know where you are. This is good to know in situations like when you've switched cars. If your arrow turns grey you've done it correctly.

Police Vehicle Sounds

When behind the wheel of any police vehicle, pressing the left thumbstick down (L3), or G on the keyboard, quickly two times results in a quick flash of lights and a sound meant to get a driver's attention.

There are four different quick sounds that play at random.

Not every NPC vehicle responds, most ignore it. It really shows the level of realism that Rockstar have tried to include in GTA V though. Most police in real-life prefer a quick alert sound and keeping the lights on when pulling over a vehicle.

Thanks cbabb

Popular Vehicle Color Combinations

If you're looking for some ideas as to how to respray your vehicles then look no further than the imgur gallery linked below as well as the color combos that follow!

  • Gasoline Green + Yellow
  • Schafter Purple + Lime Green
  • Sea Green + Hot Pink
  • Lava Red + Lime Green
  • Red + Ice White
  • Black + Race Yellow
  • Shadow Silver + Orange
  • Anthracite Black + Ice White
  • Galaxy Blue + Hot Pink
  • Stone Grey + Lava Red
  • Carbon Black + Salmon Pink
  • Schaffter Purple + Salmon Pink
  • Feltzer Brown + Race Yellow
  • Sunset Red + Bright Orange
  • Surf Blue + Dew Yellow

Purchase Full Ammo Easily

If you want a quick way of purchasing full ammo for your weapon when at an Ammu-Nation store, simply press Square on the PS3 or X on the Xbox 360. You can also press left or right to switch between purchasing either a few clips or full ammo.

Quit Internet Browser Quickly

If you're using the in-game internet browser and want to quickly quit/exit it, simply press Y on the Xbox 360 or Triangle on the PS3 and you'll be taken right out of it! On PC, click the cross next to the URL bar or press F.

Rafting in GTA V

There are waters with actual currents in Grand Theft Auto V and using this trick you can raft them!

All you need to do is find a car towing a boat and trailer, steal it and head to the Alamo Sea.

Then launch the boat and choose one of the routes shown below.


Thanks vegardn

Remove/Lose Wanted Level

  • Go to a Los Santos Customs without the police seeing you drive in and change the color of your car.
  • As soon as you complete a mission successfully then your accumulated Wanted Level will be cleared.

Repair Vehicle Cheat/Glitch

You can use the Max Health & Armor cheat to repair your vehicle. But it can't be entered while in the vehicle. Here's how to do it:

Stand next to vehicle you want to repair.

Press Circle then L1 (PS3) or B then LB (Xbox 360), then wait for a second and do not press anything else (this is the start of the code).

Then continue with the rest of the code, the remaining buttons being: Triangle, R2, X, Square, Circle, Right, Square, L1, L1, L1 (PS3) or Y, RT, A, X, B, Right, X, LB, LB, LB (Xbox 360) or TURTLE (PC).

If done right you will get in the car while finishing the code and your car will be repaired!

Note: The reason for the short wait is to let your character finish the punching animation. If you type the code in too fast he punches and wont get in the vehicle when Triangle/Y is pressed.


Thanks ShadowPaws

Repeated Store Robberies

Just be careful if you find a particular store that you keep on robbing. After a while the store clerk will recognise you and ask for police to be stationed constantly at the store, ready to arrest you (or worse) as soon as you enter. So make sure you mix things up!

Replenish Pickup Items

If you wait 45 minutes in-game time then "pick-up-able" items will respawn and you can grab them again. This includes things like weapons, armor, ammo, etc!

There's no need to save and reload if you can wait.

Thanks FrozenJack

Rhino Delivery

The Rhino is an armored military tank that costs $3 million to purchase. Once you buy it though, it's not clear where you can pick it up from.

The answer is pretty simple. It gets delivered to Trevor's hangar - the one he receives in the desert by way of the story line. Just note that in order to get the desert hangar free, either Trevor or Franklin will first need to purchase the hangar at Los Santos Airport.

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