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This is page 4 of our general hints, tips and guides for Grand Theft Auto V single player (story mode). If you have any hints or tips of your own, feel free to send them in!

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Jetski Cave Location

If you haven't visited the cave at the location shown below then you really need to. It is valuable in both the story mode and GTA Online parts of the game. Note only can you hide from the cops there (and escape a 4 star wanted level for example) but there is two jetskis and a jetmax inside.



Thanks A_Game_of_Scones

Knife Flight Locations Guide

There are 15 knife flight aerial challenges to complete in Grand Theft Auto V. You need to get all 15 in order to unlock the "Close Shave" Trophy or Achievement (in fact you need to do all 50 Under the Bridge Challenges to get Close Shave too!).

Leaving Engine Running and Headlights On

  1. Be in your car with the headlights on.
  2. Leave the car and punch the air (seriously).
  3. Get back in the car, let the engine start and then get out again.
  4. The engine will stay running and the headlights will remain on too!

Less Damage with Trevor

In instances when you are playing with Trevor and he is about to impact the ground at a high speed (like if you've jumped out of a plane or rolled out of a car) activate his special ability and sometimes this will lessen the damage he takes enough so that you survive.

Letter Scraps Locations Guide

If you collect at 50 letter craps you'll unlock the Achievement/Trophy "A Mystery, Solved". You must collect the scraps in order from the Northernmost part of the map in Blaine county to down Los Santos. For this reason it's best to do this challenge all in one go.

A helicopter is useful for doing this as a lot of the map will need to be visible and you'll actually need a chopper to get one of the scraps anyway.

When you've got all 50 scraps you'll be able to read a letter and find out who killed Leonora Johnson. Then switch your character to Franklin and the Killer of Leonora Johnson mission will be unlocked. Do that to get the Achievement/Trophy "A Mystery, Solved"

Level Up Strength and Shooting

Use this hint to level up your strength and shooting skills in just 10 minutes.

First buy a ton of pistol ammo and then find a bus.

Jump on top of the bus, then stomp on it while the driver is still driving. Make sure you move back and forth or you will fall off after stomping.

Then after that strength is at 100, shoot the middle of the bus till 100. The bus should be able to take the bullets without being destroyed.

Also if the bus crashes into anything you will fall down. If you're lucky you can stay on the bus and get back up but you might fall off.

Thanks George S

Lifeinvader Stalking Discounts & Freebies

Lifeinvader is the parody social network that Rockstar created specifically for Grand Theft Auto V. It's not just an entertaining website though, if you "Stalk" (the Lifeinvader version of a Facebook "Like") certain store's pages then you'll actually get a discount or free item at those stores (or other, related ones) in the game!

Here's a list of what you can score cheap/free along with a link to the Liveinvader page you need to Stalk:

Lifetime Discount at Ammu-nation Stores

If you want cheap ammunition from the start of the game, then as soon as you can go to an Ammu-nation Store shooting range.

You then need to complete all the range challenges with Gold (this might take 15-20 minutes).

Get Gold and you're then entitled to 25% off everything in every Ammu-nation Store from that point on. No cheats or other tricks necessary!

If you can't get Gold but can do all the challenges you'll still get 10% (bronze) or 15% off (silver) - still not too bad! Also:

  1. Always use the best weapon in the relevant class.
  2. Keep the multiplier running - this is the real key to getting Gold.
  3. Use burst on automatic weapons as it keeps the recoil down.
  4. Take your time!

Maxing Strength Stat

This one takes while and it's true that doing stuff like golf will increase it marginally, the only real way to increase strength is by fighting... and even then it takes ages! You literally need to walk around starting fighs all the time as you play the game. Don't try to grind this out because you will go insane though. Just fight alot and you'll get there eventually!

Max Driving Skill

Near misses are crucial in terms of increasing your driving skill. The best way to do this is to wait until it gets dark at night (there's enough cars to so what you need to do, but not too many so that you're crashing all the time) and then get a motorbike and head to the Olympus Freeway. It's the one that runs north-east out of the city and then just ride directly into traffic (while also avoiding it of course). This should get you heaps of near misses and also increase your driving stat quickly. You can sit in between the two lanes and just weave in and out - that's probably the safest way of doing it.

Max Lung Capacity and Swimming

These two stats take a long time to max out and are best done at the same time. Basically you'll need to get in the water and swim all around the coasts of Los Santos while at the same time also diving under the water (and obviously swimming underwater too). Just swim for as long as you can underwater, come up for air, then dive back down. Kind of like a dolphin we suppose... Oh and be prepared to do this for quite a while!

Apparently it is also possible to simply get a dinghy or submarine, and jump overboard in scuba gear and stay submerged. Lung Capacity should then level up on its own until full.

Max Out Flying Skill

If you want to max out your flying skill first find a small single prop engine plane (the less room it needs to land and take-off the better). Then head to Trevor's air field and just start doing "bunny hop" take-offs and landings.

Basically in order for a landing to be counted (and to therefore increase your rank) the wheels only need to take the ground for around a second. So you just need to go back and forth along the runway touching the wheels down for a short time, then pulling up and then touching back down again.

It should take about 30 minutes to max out your flying stat using this method.

Max Out Stealth Stat

For every minute you spend walking in stealth mode in GTA V it earns you one point towards that stat. So to max it out easily grab a rubberband and put it around the two sticks on your controller. Then simply leave the game for 60-90 minutes and your stealth stat should be maxed out!

Merryweather Weapons Plane

You can do the Merryweather missions to get access to a secret crashed plane that will give you unlimited ammo, weapons and vests.

Be warned that you need $250K to purchase a specific property after the first Merryweather Mission and that you also need do the second Merryweather mission for the plane to be available/this to work.

Once you're up to the Merryweather missions and complete the steps above, watch this video to see where the secret crashed Merryweather plane is!

Mini-Gun Spawn Location

Follow the video clip below to find the spawn location of the mini-gun! It's a seriously awesome weapon. Note you'll still need to purchase ammo for it from Ammu-nation stores...


Modded Karin Rebel Rally Truck


The Karin Rebel is a rally truck you can find in GTA V. They are most often found spawned near the lifts to Mt. Chilliad. If you want to mod them it is possible, you just need to make sure you get the correct version one. There is a "dirty one" and also a "clean one." The dirty one can be modded in a more rally truck style, while the clean one is more restricted in what you do with it (besides also being much harder to find).

Thanks MechanicalBayer

Mods to Default Cars

Michael's "default car" is the Obey Tailgater and it will always be parked at his house. Franklin has a Bravado Buffalo and also a Bati Custom (depending on where you are in the game). It will also always be at his place. You can mod and upgrade these vehicles at any time and the mods will always be saved. This means it's a pretty good place to start and you won't lose anything!

Monster Stunt Jump Locations

The video below will show you all 50 stunt jump locations in GTA V - they are called Monster Stunts. Once you've done them all you'll get the "Show Off" Achievement/Trophy.

We recommend doing them with Franklin as he is the best driver of the three main characters and his special ability will also help you complete all the jumps.

In terms of vehicles, try and use whatever vehicle is shown in the video although it should be noted that usually the faster the better (ie sports cars and fast bikes).

One final tip - always do a quick save before attempting a stunt. This way if you screw up you can quickly reload and be setting in your vehicle ready to give it another shot!

Never Wanted

There's a few different missions in GTA V where you can take off part way through and then be free to do whatever you want without getting wanted stars.

They are essentially Never Wanted glitches (in fact see the two hints directly below this one for more..).

Anyway, for this one you need to unlock the mission "The Construction Assassination" (mission 50). Lester gives it to you.

Get to the part where you go up the elevator and then the second it stops simply parachute off. Do not try and chase your target.

You are then free to do whatever you want without attracting any heat!


Thanks ShadowPaws

Molotov Cocktails

Molotov Cocktails cannot be purchased from any of the Ammu-nation Stores in Grand Theft Auto V, but they are in both GTA Online and the story mode part of the game.

In GTA Online you can get them by either purchasing a supply box from Merryweather. You'll get three cocktails in the box.

In GTA V single player you can find Molotov Cocktails in at least two places. The first is shown in the location below.


The second spot is under the bridge on the northwest side.


Alternatively, you can also check out the video below to view all of the Molotov Cocktail locations that way:

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