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This is page 2 of our general hints, tips and guides for Grand Theft Auto V single player (story mode). If you have any hints or tips of your own, feel free to send them in!

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Drag Races

If you're stopped at some red lights rev your engine and honk your horn (not too excessively). Sometimes this will make the car next to you at the lights enter into a short drag race!

Easy Carbine Weapon

There are two policemen that always spawn below the overpass at Francis International Airport (located to the very south of the map) and they both always carry Carbines.

Simply run them over (make sure you do it properly) and then steal their guns and ammo.

You'll need to lose the 2 stars you receive, but you'll be rewarded with a great weapon.

This can be repeated as many times as desired.

Easy Helicopter Location

The two map diagrams below show the location of some helicopter ambulances, on the roof-top of a building in Davis, Los Santos. You simply need to head to the location indicated and then climb a ladder on the side of the building to access the choppers!




Easy Out Of Your Depth Achievement/Trophy

The easiest way to find sharks in Grand Theft Auto V is to head out into deep ocean.

So jump in a boat or a jet-ski and keep going until the water turns dark blue. Cruise around for a bit and you should see a red icon come up on your map. This indicates that a shark is present.

Then simply jump into the water and wait until the shark kills/eats you and you'll get the Out Of Your Depth achievement/trophy easily.

Enemies Under Cover

Be aware that sometimes when you're in a gunfight enemies might stop firing at you and go into cover. If they remain like this for long enough then they'll also disappear from your radar... So try and keep an eye out for people who suddenly seem to disappear. In all likelihood they're still there, waiting to pop a cap...

Enter Cheat Codes at Pause Menu

You can enter cheats when in the pause menu! This is good for when you don't want the button combination to affect your gameplay (like if you're driving).

All you need to do is bring up the pause menu, enter the cheat code (as listed on our cheats pages) and then press start to register the code.

Epsilon “Kifflom” Desert Running Cheat

If you're doing the Epsilon "Kifflom" mission line (to unlock it you must be Michael and visit the website www.epsilonprogram.com) at some stage you'll be required to run a ridiculous number of miles in the desert. Rather than sit there and do it, grab a couple of rubber bands or whatever else you can lay your hands on and rig your controller to do it for you...

Equip Scuba Gear in Free Roam

If you want to equip scuba gear in free roam mode, you need to get into either a submarine or a dinghy and then go into the water. The scuba gear will auto-equip.

Exploding Generators

There are certain generators throughout the game that you can shoot and cause to leak fuel. Then shoot the fuel and the entire generator will explode!

This animated GIF shows how it works.

Thanks to Harry101UK of Reddit.

Fast Travel / Taxi Cabs

Fast travelling in GTA V is accomplished by first setting a waypoint on your map and then calling up a cab (look for Downtown Cab Co in your cell phone contacts).

Faster BMX

While riding your BMX tap R1 (PS3) or RB (Xbox 360) or L Shift (PC) and hold forward slightly on the left analog stick. This should keep the front wheel on the ground and you should go a lot faster than you would otherwise.

Flip People Off

Press L1 (on PS3) or LB (on Xbox 360) or RMB (PC) to flip off people when you're in a vehicle. You need to have fists equipped as a weapon too.

This works best (and it more visible) when you're in a convertible.

Flipped Car Fix

If you happen to flip your car upside down you can try to get it back up the right way by rocking the left analog stick side to side, or alternating between A and D on the keyboard.

Flying Jets

If you want more maneuverability while flying a jet then lower the landing gear. This will slow you down and enable you to make quick, shorter turns. It also means that other players in the air trying to destroy will most likely be flying around you (make very large, high speed turns) this enables you get the jump on them.

Free-Aim the Sniper

In order to free-aim with the sniper file you need to hold either RT (Xbox 360) or R2 (PS3) half way down and move it from there. This should let you free-aim.

Free Property

If you want to purchase any property for free then follow the steps below depending on whether it will provide income or not. However, note that doing this may lock you out of certain side missions that are only activated when you purchase property the normal way. If you use this glitch and get them free you will never get the chance to do these side-missions. Also you must have enough money to purchase the property (you just won't spend it).

Non-incoming providing property

  1. Position your car right in front of the sign that enables you to purchase it.
  2. Get out of the car.
  3. Buy the property and immediately get into your car.

Incoming providing property

  1. Buy the property and then when the cut-scene begins press "Start" and replay a short and fast mission.
  2. Complete the mission and you'll spawn back to the property - except you'll have it for free!

Free Vehicle Mods for Any Character

Basically how this works is that you get Franklin to upgrade any vehicle for the other characters (Michael and Trevor) free of charge. You also need to have purchased the the Los Santos Customs in the Grand Senora Desert with Franklin. It costs $349K and will earn him $1.6K each week. The big bonus however is that Franklin can now do any car customization/upgrades for free.

So, get the car that you want Michael or Trevor to have using Franklin. You can steal or purchase it - just get. And then take it to Franklin's Los Santos Customs store and modify it how you want.

Then exit the store and call your other character (we'll use Trevor) and ask him to come hang out. Then you'll need to drive to wherever Trevor is and do your activity. After the activity ends, it will show you were Trevor needs to be dropped off on your mini-map. Drive there.

As soon as Trevor exits the vehicle, do the same thing with Franklin and then run a short distance away from the vehicle. Then quickly switch to Trevor and run to the vehicle with him. You should be able to get in and drive away in it. This then enables you to go save it in Trevor's garage and effectively save it as his car, fully modified, free of charge.

Free Weapon Upgrades

Here's a pretty sneaky way to get weapon upgrades for free.

While you are doing a mission head into an Ammu-nation Store and buy all the weapon upgrades you want as well as a grenade (if you don't have one already).

Once you've got your upgrades head out of the Ammu-nation and blow yourself up with a 'nade. The mission you're on will then fail and you'll have to start over.

However once you restart you'll have all the money you had before you purchased the weapons upgrades, and if you go back to an Ammu-nation Store you'll see that the upgrades you purchased have remained in tact!

Fun with the Cable Car and Mountain Bikes

This is pretty cool. There's usually lots of mountain bikes sitting at the bottom of the cable car waiting for you to steal them. So take one and then ride up the cable car to the top. Then you can have heaps of fun riding down the mountain on your bike!

Full Body Armor Location

If you're looking to grab some free full body armor, then head to the location indicated in the picture below. It's the police vehicle impound. Once there, head into the police station and the body armor will be on the ground next to a pair of blue doors on the right, just after you pass some chairs. There's also a vending machine nearby.


Gate Launch Glitch

Check out the video below to see how you can launch your vehicle up into the air by driving into certain driveway gates. The glitch is pretty inconsistent, but if the gate itself glitches or stutters you're probably doing it right. It's pretty similar to the Swing Set glitch in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Get a Fighter Jet (Easy)

A lot of people have trouble stealing a fighter jet and getting away with it, but this video shows a pretty fool-proof way to get the job done.

Basically it involves using a lot of sticky bombs and also a big rig truck. Oh, and it's actually lots of fun.

Enjoy the the clip and your new fighter jet!

Ghost Rider

In order to get the "Ghost Rider" effect will playing GTA V you obviously need a motorbike and for your player not to be wear a helmet.

Then blow the back wheel of the bike and activate the invincibility cheat, then just keep riding. Eventually the wheels will ignite into flames.

Grass on Fire

If you throw a molotov cocktail onto a grassed area then the entire area will eventually catch fire as these pictures show (thanks Darknessfallls). If you want to see where the molotovs are located then check out these maps and guides.

Golf Game Guide

We would have love to have produced something like this ourselves, but to be honest the author of this guide cannot be beaten. If you want to do well at the golf game in GTA V then you need to check out this guide it's an absolute must read!

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