100% Completion Checklist

Use the mission lists below to firstly see exactly where you stand in terms of progress in the game and what you have coming, and to also reach 100% completion! When you are doing the heists, make sure that you read our Heists Guide first, same for the Assassination missions.

Story Missions (69 in total)

  1. Prologue
  2. Franklin and Lamar
  3. Repossession
  4. Complications
  5. Chop
  6. Father/Son
  7. Marriage Counselling
  8.  Daddy’s Little Girl
  9. The Long Stretch
  10.  Friend Request
  11. Casing the Jewel Store (after this mission ends you’ll choose how to complete “The Jewel Store Job” – either “smart” or “loud”)
  12. Bugstars Equipment or BZ Gas Grenades
  13. The Jewel Store Job – Smart or The Jewel Store Job – Loud
  14. Mr. Phillips
  15. Nervous Ron
  16. Trevor Phillips Industries
  17. Crystal Maze
  18. Friends Reunited
  19. Fame or Shame
  20. Dead Man Walking
  21. Did somebody say yoga?
  22. Three’s Company
  23. By the Book
  24. Hood Safari
  25. Scouting the Port (after this mission ends you’ll choose how to complete “Merryweather Heist” – either “freighter” or “offshore”)
  26. Minisub or Cargobob
  27. The Merryweather Heist (freighter) or The Merryweather Heist (offShore)
  28. Tow Truck
  29. Trash Truck
  30. Boiler Suits
  31. Masks
  32. Getaway Vehicle
  33. The Hotel Assassination
  34. Blitz Play
  35. I fought the law…
  36. Eye in the Sky
  37. Mr. Richards
  38. Caida Libre
  39. Minor Turbulence
  40. Paleto Score Setup
  41. Military Hardware
  42. Predator
  43. The Paleto Score
  44. Derailed
  45. Monkey Business
  46. Hang Ten
  47. Deep Inside
  48. Surveying the Score
  49. Bury the Hatchet
  50. Pack Man
  51. Fresh Meat
  52. The Ballad of Rocco
  53. Cleaning out the Bureau
  54. Reuniting the Family
  55. Architect’s Plans (after this mission ends you’ll choose how to complete  “Bureau Raid” either “roof entry” or “fire crew”)
  56. The Bureau Raid (fire crew) or The Bureau Raid (roof entry)
  57. Legal Trouble
  58. The Wrap Up
  59. Lamar Down
  60. Meltdown
  61. Planning the Score (after this mission ends you’ll choose how to complete “The Big Score” – “obvious” or “subtle”)
  62. Driller or Prepare for the Big Score
  63. Side Tracked or Stingers
  64. The Big Score (obvious) or The Big Score (subtle)
  65. Something Sensible or The Time’s Come or The Third Way (this is the final story mission and you’ll see the credits roll afterwards)
  66. The Multi-Target Assassination
  67. The Vice Assassination
  68. The Bus Assassination
  69. The Construction Assassination

Hobbies and Pastimes (42 in total)

  1. Shooting Range: Hand Guns (win 3 medals)
  2. Shooting Range: Submachine Guns (win 3 medals)
  3. Shooting Range: Assault Rifles (win 3 medals)
  4. Shooting Range: Shotguns (win 3 medals)
  5. Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns (win 3 medals)
  6. Shooting Range: Heavy (Machine Guns) (win 3 medals)
  7. Street Race: South Los Santos (win a medal)
  8. Street Race: City Circuit (win a medal)
  9. Street Race: Airport (win a medal)
  10. Street Race: Freeway (win a medal)
  11. Street Race: Vespucci Canals (win a medal)
  12. Win at Tennis
  13. Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par
  14. Win at Darts
  15. Get a private dance at the Strip Club
  16. Triathalon 1: Vespucci Canals (win a medal)
  17. Triathalon 2: Alamo Sea (win a medal)
  18. Triathalon 3: Coyote Cross Country (win a medal)
  19. Offroad Race 1: Canyon Cliffs (win a medal)
  20. Offroad Race 2: Ridge Run (win a medal)
  21. Offroad Race 3: Mineward Spiral (win a medal)
  22. Offroad Race 4: Valley Trail (win a medal)
  23. Offroad Race 5: Lakeside Splash (win a medal)
  24. Offroad Race 6: Eco Friendly (win a medal)
  25. Flight School: Training Take Off (win a medal)
  26. Flight School: Runway Landing (win a medal)
  27. Flight School: Inverted Flight (win a medal)
  28. Flight School: Knife Flight(win a medal)
  29. Flight School: Flat Hatting (win a medal)
  30. Flight School: Touch Down (win a medal)
  31. Flight School: Loop the loop (win a medal)
  32. Flight School: Helicopter Course (win a medal)
  33. Flight School: Helicopter Speed Run (win a medal)
  34. Flight School: Skydiving (win a medal)
  35. Flight School: Drop Zone (win a medal)
  36. Flight School: Earn Your Wings win a medal)
  37. Sea Race: East Coast (win a medal)
  38. Sea Race: North East Coast (win a medal)
  39. Sea Race: Raton Canyon (win a medal)
  40. Sea Race: Los Santos (win a medal)
  41. Parachuting: Complete all Base Jumps
  42. Parachuting: Complete all Heli Jumps

Strangers and Freaks (20 in total)

  1. Pulling Favors
  2. Pulling Another Favor
  3. Pulling Favors Again
  4. Still Pulling Favors
  5. Pulling One Last Favor
  6. Shift Work
  7. Paparazzo
  8. Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
  9. Paparazzo – The Partnership
  10. Paparazzo – Reality Check
  11. A Starlet in Vinewood (collect 50 letter scraps)
  12. Grass Roots – Franklin
  13. Grass Roots – The Smoke-in
  14. Excercising Demons – Franklin
  15. Far Out
  16. The Final Frontier (collect 50 Spaceship parts)
  17. Risk Assessment
  18. Liquidity Risk
  19. Targeted Risk
  20. Uncalculated Risk (complete all 13 base/helicopter jumps)

Random Events (complete any 14 out of 16)

  1. Purchase any five Properties
  2. Purchase a vehicle from a website
  3. Collect 50 Spaceship Parts
  4. Collect 50 Letter Scraps
  5. Walk and play fetch with Chop
  6. Complete a Booty Call
  7. Receive a Prostitute service
  8. Hold Up a Store
  9. Complete 25 x Under the Bridge (25 of 50)
  10. Complete eight Knife Flights (8 of 15)
  11. Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps (25 of 50)
  12. Visit the Cinema
  13. Friend Activity: Visit a Bar
  14. Friend Activity: Visit the Cinema
  15. Friend Activity: Visit the Strip Club
  16. Friend Activity: Play Darts

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  1. mission 36…eye in the sky…why can I not figure this out?? doesn’t let me scan anyone?? where is dude im looking for??? help please!!!# so frustrated!

  2. i am stuck on the destroy the sales signs
    remains two of them HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am 79% and i`m stuck


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