GTA 5 & Online Hopes And Predictions For 2019

2018 was a big year for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online. While looking at our DLC history timeline will show that the past year offered less new content than usual, the game hit some major milestones. Now that we're in the new year, it's time to discuss hopes, predictions and speculation for GTA in 2019.

While the past year wasn't a heavy hitter in terms of content, other accomplishments were achieved. Namely, near the tail end of 2018 we finally crossed the much anticipated 100 million copies sold mark.

dditionally, Rockstar's war on cheats and hacks in GTA Online produced some tangible results. Cheating, in general, is down and a number of hack distributors have been taken to court.


Red Dead Redemption 2's impact on gaming this year was felt in GTA Online as well. This year's marked decrease in DLC, especially during the Fall months, can be attributed to the major focus Rockstar directed at finishing their newest blockbuster. Players could also partake in a pair of crossover events (detailed further below) to unlock content in both games.

Now that RDR2 is out the door, more capacity has been freed up for developing new GTA Online content. Here are a few things we hope will happen and one thing we're certain won't.

Certain: More GTA Online DLC

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We know for a fact that GTA Online is going to be supported with further content for the foreseeable future.

We certainly hope that there will be more of it in 2019 than there was in 2018. We don't just mean the weekly drip-feed - though that too sort of dried up in the weeks around RDR2's launch - but proper big releases. We had Arena War and After Hours this year, plus the smaller Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series.

Depending on just how much longer Rockstar intends to pump content in GTA Online, it may be high time for a map expansion. Arena War made clever use of space in that the arena itself is instanced and not part of the overworld, but takes place in a building already present yet not used. However, sooner or later some DLC ideas might just not fit San Andreas as it is now.

Hopefully: More Red Dead Redemption 2 Crossovers

The two promo events, which allowed players to find a golden revolver and stone hatchet were fun little nods to GTA's sister-series.

More such events which allow players to unlock content in both games would be welcome, even for players who don't play Red Dead Online. It would allow Rockstar to smuggle some more Wild West themed items like weapons and apparel into GTA Online. Maybe even a ridable horse could be added at some point?

Not Happening: GTA 6

Don't hold your breath for this one, and certainly don't believe any clickbait articles that keep stating the same inconclusive rumors on repeat. When there's any legitimate news, you'll see the bigger publications onto it first, not some minor site.


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  1. Considering about 50% of the gta community enjoys roleplay why dont they add a new area like online storymode and then roleplay mode. In this mode you can buy everything for free and add some other cosmetics to current cars.

  2. Make a dlc that makes it easier to earn more cash and bonuses for just playing game. Make a dlc where you can actually go into food places and eat. Have it to where friends can park there cars in your garage so it does not get blown up by greifers.

  3. I want to see more of car cosmetics super cars have f all for customizing
    I also wanna see tuner\ ricer DLC

  4. this could be a idea make a naval dlc small patrol boats the aricraft carrier and maybe new carrier based planes

  5. Want an idea for gta online for future dlc?, perhaps something similar to titanfall with mechs, or do what rockstar did with red dead redemption(the first one) make a zombie apocalypse, or add one of the other gta cities. It's all common sense what other players want to see happen in the future of gta.

  6. GTA Online has been lacking content for half a year now, there's only so much you can do, it's gonna die sooner or later. GTA VI will happen, but just not in the next couple years. You are saying it as if it's never gonna happen lmao

    1. the title is GTA 5 & Online Hopes And Predictions For 2019, gta 6 isnt happening in 2019, idiot.

  7. Can we have a DLC based on Discovery's hit Series Diesel Brothers. Like, make your own Diesel Rig with some of the pickups existing in GTA and Ready Made Trucks based off those built by the brothers such as the 6 door 6x6 flatbed pickup, 6 door Dodge Ram, 6 Door Ford F-650, and the BroDozer. And add Diesel Engine sounds to the vehicles to give a real feel of Diesel Power.

  8. a beautifull luxery villa / mansion in the mountains with swimmingpool, seeview, bar, private security, big garage etc....

  9. Can we please get a casino DLC, to where we can do something with the Casino. Like gambling, playing hands of blackjack with your money on the game or even owning a casino to where you can do heist. And what about putting some mansions on the game that we can buy! As a big time GTA fan starting from regular PlayStation with the overhead view! Can we please get a casino DLC!

  10. What about a naval update with dozens of war ships, aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers, coastal defence ships, light-heavy-armored cruisers, submarines, etc wiht new guns&clothes? Or a casino dlc with bunch of casinos, scams, even heists maybe even some luxury cruise ships??

  11. Avoir plus tuning( motif , jante etc ) , pourquoi pas des camion a transformé avec de beau motif ....un hangar a voiture avec +-50 place sa serai top car ici j ai 170 voiture et il me reste +- 10 c'est pas assez ...

  12. Jus add North Yankton free mode like make it to where you can buy mansions there but do missions out of the Manson Missions or something and bring snow like every other week starting off then wait like 2 weeks to a month eventually the make it sunny

  13. Hopefully we see the comet from vice city added into the game, yes there is the comet retro and safari but man it would be pretty sweet if the comet from vice city was added into online.

  14. I would really like a map expansion, like a bridge or some way to travel to North Yankton in free mode in gta online. Also keep up the good work with the classic vehicles also. I would like to recommend adding the two door variant of the Rancher. Lots of potential. If not, make a classic four wheel drive 73-87 Chevy Silverado variant of the Rancher.

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