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Unlocking Yung Ancestor & Full Diamond Casino Heist Walkthrough

Yung Ancestor

Unlocking Yung Ancestor

You can unlock Yung Ancestor by going to the casino and taking the elevator to the roof terrace. Once you reach the terrace a cut scene will start. After it ends, you need to wait for Lester's call. After he's done calling you, head back to the arcade basement and Yung Ancestor will give you a call. Once that call ends, you will notice a purple colored "card" on your heist prep board. You should also notice two boxes underneath it that represent the two prep missions you need to do before you can choose the 'Yung Ancestor' entry disguise.

Yung Ancestor during the roof terrace cutscene
Yung Ancestor missions on the prep board

The two prep missions are called 'Dead Weight' and 'After Party'. These missions are straight forward and don't require a lot of time to complete.

Dead Weight

In this mission, Yung Ancestor asks you to dispose of a rental car. This mission is easy and will require you to drive... a lot! First, Ancestor will call you to the casino and ask you to find the rental car in the casino parking lot. Once you've identified the car, drive it to the locations he will instruct you to drive to. First, you will need to take the car to the reservoir to ditch it. Then mid way to the location, Ancestor will ask you to take the car to the abandoned lot and burn the car. Once again, he will change his mind and ask you to crush the rental car at a scrapyard. Finally, he will come to a final decision of delivering the car to the Altruist Camp. Once you deliver the car to the Altruist Camp, your mission is completed.

After Party

In the 'After Party' mission, Ancestor asks you to destroy some evidence. Some people will have cameras and they apparently captured some of Ancestor's "activities" which he doesn't want anyone to know about. There will be a total of 4 targets labelled A, B, C and D. If you destroy the target but the evidence falls out of their hand (like a camera) then you need to shoot the camera too, in order to destroy the evidence. The targets will be spread far so either an Oppressor Mark II or a Buzzard is highly recommended for this mission.

After completing the missions, you will be able to choose 'Yung Ancestor' as the entry disguise on the final prep board.

Yung Ancestor entry disguise on the final prep board

Note that you will still need to do one of the mandatory entry disguise missions. You can do whatever mission you think is easiest for you, and for the entry disguise at the final prep board, you will have the option to choose 'Yung Ancestor'. We know doing the mandatory entry disguise mission is completely unnecessary but since it is mandatory you won't be able to proceed with the heist without its completion.

The Big Con - Yung Ancestor Approach Walkthrough

Heist Prep Missions

The heist prep missions are all exactly same the as for the "vanilla" Big Con approach, so rather than repeating them all in this guide, please follow this link to our Big Con guide. Once you've done that, come back here and continue.

Approach Specific Prep

Entry Disguise

As discussed above in the 'Unlocking Yung Ancestor' part, the entry disguise mission is a mandatory mission, so even if you have unlocked Yung Ancestor and completed the two missions for him, you will still need to do the entry disguise mission unfortunately.

You may do any one of the entry disguise missions (Gruppe Sechs, Bugstars or Maintenance gear). These missions are pretty straight forward, you simply need to go to the specified location and bring back the equipment as instructed by Lester. You can check our guide here on completing The Big Con approach using the Gruppe Sechs entry disguise as well as the Vault Drills and Exit Disguise prep missions.

Once you get to the final prep mission, you can choose 'Yung Ancestor' as the entry disguise.

Heist prep board showing important missions and missions that you can skip. This is from the Big Con heist guide but it will be the same for Big Con (Yung Ancestor) approach as well with the exception of 'Yung Ancestor' prep missions added in.

Heist Finale

Final Prep Board

Once you're done with all the heist preparation missions, we can proceed with the actual heist. The final preparation board should have the following selections.

Entrance: For entrance MAIN ENTRANCE will be chosen automatically when you choose the Entry Disguise as Yung Ancestor.

Entry Disguise: For entry disguise choose YUNG ANCESTOR.

The rest are the same as per our original Big Con approach guide.

Final Prep Board with Yung Ancestor as the Entry Disguise

The Big Con (Yung Ancestor) Heist

You can check out our video guide of this heist as well:

First of course, head to the casino and enter through the main entrance. Once you're inside, you will need to go to the management area. Once you enter the management area, a cut scene will appear after which you will have control of your character and the actual heist will begin. During the cut scene Brucie will accidentally get shot by Yung Ancestor causing a distraction for the assistant, which will allow you and your friends to get the keycard and head to the restricted staff area.

Walking towards the management area of the casino
Cutscene playing out
Brucie gets shot

After you regain control of your character, head down the hallway and through the double doors. After you pass through the doors, you will come across a guard to your left, silently take him out and continue to the right where you will go through a door leading towards the stairs. Jump through the middle section of the stairs in order to avoid the camera and go through the door at the bottom.

First double door at the end of the hallway after the cutscene ends
Silently taking out the guard after passing through the double doors
Jumping through the middle section of the stairs to avoid the camera

Once you go through the door at the bottom, do not go forward and just take cover by the wall. A guard will come towards you. Wait for the guard to come and turn around. As soon as the guard turns around go ahead and take him out silently. A pistol whip should do the trick. Then continue forward but make sure you take care of the door to the right, as it has a small window in it and there is a guard patrolling through that door. He can easily detect you if you come in his cone of vision.

Waiting by the wall for the guard to come
Taking out the guard after he turned around
The guard the door to the right you need to take care of. Move forward when he turns around

As you move forward you need to take out the guard behind the desk, but make sure you take him out using your knife instead of punch or pistol whip as sometimes the noise from the pistol whip alerts the guard around. Also, there is another guard right after this guard, who you need to take out. Due to the close proximity of the next guard, it is recommended that you use the knife as it is quick and silent. After you take out the first guard, make sure that the guard inside the surveillance room isn't looking towards you, and then quickly take out the next guard and take cover by the wall.

You need to make sure the guard in the surveillance room (circled in red) turns around before you proceed to take out the second guard (circled in green) behind the desk
Taking cover immediately after taking out the second guard behind desk

Now you need to take care of the guard patrolling inside the surveillance room, as well as the security cam outside in the staff lobby. Having done that, move forward and keep to your right until you come across a double door. Only start moving when the guard inside is turning the other way and not towards you, and the camera is also looking away from you.

The security camera you need to be careful about
You need to wait for this guard to turn around
As you proceed forward this is the double door you will come across

Once you reach the double door, do not go through it immediately as there is a guard right through the door. As you can see in the image above, notice there is a guard through the door on the minimap. Wait for the guard to turn around and then go through the double doors. As you go through these doors, you will immediately see another door leading to the laundry room. Go through the laundry room and take a right through another door and go all the way to the end of the laundry section until you reach another door leading back to the hallway. Do not go through the door and wait here for the guard again. As soon as the guard returns and turn back around, go and take him out. Be careful as there is another camera in the hallway, so wait for him to return back to the place and move a bit forward before taking him out.

Going through the laundry room
The door at the end of the laundry room section. Waiting for the guard to pass by as seen in the minimap
Taking out the guard after he passes to the left of the door

After taking out the guard, continue down the hallway and use your keycard on the door to your immediate right. Make sure the guard is not turned towards you. Wait for the guard to turn around and then move through the doors (a set of two doors) and to the left use the keycard in order to access the stairs.

Taking cover by the keypad door and waiting for the guard to turn around
The guard's vision cone towards the players' point of entry
Swiping the keycard on the keypad door leading to the stairs

Head to the stairs and then go down towards the basement. As you're going down, be careful of the security camera which you will come across. Wait for the camera to look towards the left side and then quickly go down and take cover by the wall. Then wait for the camera to look to the right side and quickly rush down. This is how you can effectively avoid the cameras without having to take them out.

When you reach the bottom wait for the guard to pass by the door and then take cover on either side of the elevator. Note that if the guard on the left side of the elevator passed by you, then the next guard returning will be on the right hand side of the elevator. And if the guard on the right hand side returned back, then the guard on the left hand side of the elevator will be coming back. So, make sure you prepare yourself to take either one of them out silently. You can easily take out the guards silently with a pistol whip. Just be quick about it or else the rest of them will be alerted.

Security camera in the stairway
Guard coming towards the player from the right hand side of the elevator
Guard coming towards the player from the left hand side of the elevator
Player taking out the guard on the left hand side of the elevator with a pistol whip

Continue to move towards the security lobby area. As you approach the double doors leading to the security lobby area, you will encounter another security camera right beside the double doors leading to the security lobby section. Avoid the camera and then head through the double doors. Here make sure you wait for the guard at the desk to turn around and move forward into a little room to the left hand side. You can catch a breather here and check the routes of the guards once again. Once done, avoid the vision cone of the guard at the desk and head outside, while staying all the way to the left, sticking to the wall (not in cover), keep moving forward and be careful of the camera as you move forward.

The security camera right beside the double doors leading to the security lobby area
The guard you need to avoid at the desk
The security camera inside the security lobby area you need to be careful about

As you reach the end of the room after passing the security camera seen in the picture above you need to wait for the guard at the desk to once again turn around and then go through the main double door leading to the mantrap entrance. Once through the double doors, swipe your keycard on the security surveillance room door, be careful of the guard though, and wait for him to turn around and silently take him out. Then continue to the double keycards, swipe the keycards simultaneously and then head towards the vault.

The security surveillance room you need to go through
Taking out the guard inside the surveillance room
Swiping the keycard simultaneously with your friend to enter the mantrap leading to the vault

Once you reach the vault, you will need to drill open the door and head inside to loot it. While looting, when you come across the fingerprint scanners, you will need to hack them. In order to successfully hack them match the fingerprint patterns on the left side to the right full fingerprint. After you are done hacking, make sure you leave the vault around the 30-40 seconds mark and at a maximum, leave with around 20 seconds left on the timer. This is really important if you want to remain undetected.

Fingerprint scanner hacking initiation
Fingerprint pattern matching the right hand side full fingerprint
Starting to leave the vault around 20 seconds on the timer. 14 seconds left on the timer as we reached the vault entrance

Once you leave the vault, again swipe the keycards simultaneously to go through the mantrap, leaving the same way you came in from. Once you reach the security lobby section again, take the left and go through the security surveillance room. Go through the room and exit out of the back door. You will come across another camera, avoiding this camera's cone of vision, silently take out the guard on the far left hand side of the security lobby area. After that, while avoiding the camera, go ahead and take out the guard at the desk silently and continue moving forward.

Heading towards the security surveillance room
The security camera (circled in red) right outside the surveillance room when you exit through the back door
The guard on the far left hand side you need to take out
The guard at the front desk you need to take out

When you go back through the same area you came from, again make sure you wait for the camera to look away from your point of exit and then move out. Go back up through the stairs. You will once again come across the security camera, so avoid it once again and move up. Once you reach the top floor, do not go through the door immediately and wait for the corridor to clear out.

You can see the vision of the camera in your minimap before exiting
Swiping the keycard on the door leading to the stairs
The camera you need to be careful of while going back up
The door leading outside to the staff lobby at the top of the stairs

Once the guard is gone, go through the door and take a right through another door. Once you're through the second door, stay here and wait for the guard outside the hallway to come by and then silently take him out. Continue down the hallway and head to the laundry room again, put on the N.O.O.S.E outfits and continue to the staff lobby. The second player will need to go to the next laundry room in order to wear their N.O.O.S.E outfit. You will be able to see the clothing icon on your minimap indicating the location of the outfits.

The guard coming by the second door. Wait for him to pass by and then take him out silently
Taking out the guard with a pistol whip as it is quicker
Arrow indicating the entrance the laundry room where we came from earlier
Putting on the N.O.O.S.E outfit

After putting on the outfits head to the staff lobby and exit through the lobby. The guards will not be able to identify you in the N.O.O.S.E outfits as long as you are in the vicinity of the casino.

The staff lobby. You need to go through the metal detectors to the right in order to head for the exit
Staff lobby exit

As soon as you are outside, head over to the race track and keep running to the side of the track. Once you reach the end of the right side, descend down to the right and hop over the fence which will take you to the main road. Note that at this point, the cops will be able to recognize you. Quickly find a pedestrian car or get in the getaway car, if it is in the parking lot right beside the road. In our case, the getaway cars were in the parking lot. Get in the car and make sure your friend also gets in the same car as you in order to make it easier to lose the cops. Being in different vehicles will complicate things.

Running to the right hand side of the race track
Descending down at the end of the right hand side
Jumping over the fence to the road

Once you're in the vehicles head to the sewer tunnel entrance which is right beside the road. Keep driving until you're roughly in the middle of the tunnels and wait there until you've lost the cops. Then continue driving until you come out of the other end of the tunnels.

Driving towards the sewer tunnel entrance
Sewer tunnel entrance
Coming out of the other side of the sewer tunnel

Do not get close to the casino after you've lost the cops. If you do, you will receive a 5 star wanted level again. So take a detour and a different route to the buyer, rather than going through the highway next to the casino.

The purple circle shows the area where the casino is. The red path is the highway which leads to high level buyers. DO NOT TAKE THAT PATH or else you will get 5 star wanted level again.

Now simply drive to your buyer in order to complete the heist.

End of the Big Con (Yung Ancestor) approach heist

After you complete the big con heist using 'Yung Ancestor' as your entry disguise, you will also get an award called 'After Party' which will grant you 800 RP.

Awarded 800 RP with an award called 'After Party' upon successful completion of the heist

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a full FAQ for this approach to the Casino Heist. You can find it here.


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