The Doomsday Heist Act 2 (The Bogdan Problem) Full Guide

This is our guide to Act 2: The Bogdan Problem of the Doomsday Heist for GTA Online. We also have guides for Act 1: The Data Breaches and Act 3: The Doomsday Scenario.

The Doomsday Heist Act 2, better known as 'The Bogdan Problem', is the second heist in the Doomsday scenario. This act contains four setup missions, each having its own prep missions. The setup cost for Act 2 is a fairly hefty $95,000 - it does have a good payout to counter that though.


Payout (normal): $1,425,000
Payout (hard): $1,781,250

Prep 1 - Keycards

This mission requires you to go to a gas station and steal a riot van. We recommend you go to the gas station in an Armored Kuruma since there will be a lot of cops already engaged in a shootout with some robbers there.

Head over to the gas station in your Armoured Kuruma and take out as many cops as you can at the location. When you see the window, quickly head into the riot van present there and lose the cops before taking the van back to the facility.

One thing you should be very careful about here is that while a riot van has a lot of resistance towards damage, it can also ultimately get destroyed. Therefore, make sure you do not accidentally blow it up since you are near a gas station. If you the van is exposed to 3-4 blasts, it will be destroyed and you will have to restart the mission.

Riot van at the gas station

Once you have the van, lose the cops and bring it back to the facility. You can either lose the cops yourself by driving around or you can call Lester to lose the cops, whatever works for you.

Setup 1 - Avenger

This setup mission is probably the most difficult setup mission of the whole Doomsday Heist, let alone Act 2. But, do not worry as this guide will help you step by step on how to effectively complete this mission and fly away in your Avenger.

One thing you need to be aware of is that it will definitely take multiple tries to complete this mission. Make sure you have a full stock of snacks and armour prior to starting it!

Once you're inside the hangar, quickly go towards the right side. As soon as the lights turn off, turn on your night vision and then head up the stairs to your right, going up to the small office cabins. You will immediately have one guy in front of you as soon as you reach upstairs, so be careful and take him out.

Then proceed forward while taking cover using the walls of these small offices. Take cover at the edge and here another enemy should spawn, take him out as well. While you're taking cover at this wall, you will be able to see in the middle of the hangar and there will be a platform above. You will find three more of these mercenaries up there that you can eliminate.

Remember to keep an eye out for their guns' muzzle flash to locate them. From here, move to the second office and take cover by the edge of the wall, you will see two more soldiers here by the wall so take them out as well. You can also eliminate maybe 1-2 soldiers on the ground floor from here.

Small offices on the right side where you have to run to
Enemies on the platform in the middle of the hangar
Muzzle flash out of a gun from the ground enemy gun

Once you see that there are no more enemies in your line of sight, take an immediate step back and jump down over the fence. After jumping down quickly take cover by the wall or covered boxes.

When in cover take out more of the ground soldiers. You can also move out a bit and eliminate the enemies to your left as well, by the plane and the boxes. After taking out the most enemies you can at the bottom, head back and there should be a set of stairs which should take you upstairs. Be extremely cautious when moving upstairs as there are still soldiers in the small office cabins across the hangar on the other side.

You will find at least four of them all along the platform with the small offices. So, take out the enemies by locating their muzzle flash. You will find one or two of them in the windows of those offices. You will also find two at either end of the office platform where the stairs are present to go up to those platforms.

Jumping over the fence immediately after turning back
Getting into cover by the wall as soon as we jumped down
Taking out enemies to the left of the covered boxes

As you move up the stairs be careful and look for the muzzle flash on the platforms above you. It is imperative that you do not blindly rush in as there are a number of guards above. This part is the trickiest as they are pretty much every where and you have limited cover space.

First, you need to take out some of the guys that are standing at the stairs itself. After that, quickly run to your right and take cover by the fence (the boarded ones). You will need to take your time here and concentrate on where the muzzle flashes are. When you locate them, try to go for head shots and clear the upper most floor.

You can also use RPG to kill some of them at the far end of the platform, however it is very easy to hit something nearby and blow yourself up too! So be careful of that. You need to move forward towards the switches as you kill some of the enemies, since some of them are hard to kill due to the machines and support pillars in the middle.

Once you've cleared them all, turn the switches on and head back down to the Avenger and fly away. Still be very careful though, as one or two guys might spawn at the ground floor. If they do then take them out and you should be good to go.

Four enemy locations across the hangar on the other side while moving upstairs
Killing the enemy on the top floor as moving upstairs
Fence with a board you can use for cover
Getting to the Avenger after turning on the power

Prep 2 - ULP Intel

This mission is fairly simple. First, you will be asked to take out a couple of dealers who will reveal the location of an apartment. You need to get to that apartment, kill the rest of the dealers inside, collect a duffel bag (Intel) and bring it back to the facility.

If you use a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II, you will be able to complete this mission in a matter of minutes. Therefore, these two vehicles are our recommended ones for this mission. They will help you travel faster and easily kill the targets on the move since the homing missile will just lock on to the target.

Dealer on the street
Dealer at the apartment
Taking the duffel bag (Intel) back to the facility

Setup 2 - Rescue ULP

As always, for missions which require you to engage in an aggressive gun fight, make sure you have a full stock of snacks and armor.

You need to head over to the Grand Banks Courtyard and it is recommended to have an Armored Kuruma since it will help you to easily clear out the guards outside. Once you have cleared the guards outside, Team 1 will head on inside and Team 2 will be the look out. It is essential that Team 2 does not allow any guards to go inside the building or the player inside might get a surprise from the back and end up dying.

Besides, the damage you can get dealt by these NPC is outrageous. So do not get blind-sided by them. Now Team 1 will move forward and take cover. Kill all the enemies while you're in cover and only move when the coast is clear. Keep clearing and moving forward. Also, sometimes Team 2 might not be able to stop some guards from entering the building so keep an eye out on your mini-map.

Grand Banks Courtyard
Agent ULP held at gunpoint

Keep clearing and moving forward carefully and head for the agent. Once you reach Agent ULP, he will be held at gunpoint. Shoot his holder in the head and then fight your way back down the same way you came in from. Keep killing the enemies and keep moving forward towards the exit.

Once you're outside, do not rush and kill some more enemies before moving forward. You will have plenty of cover available to take. Take advantage of the surroundings, cover yourself and kill the enemies. Then you, your friend and ULP needs to get into one of the armoured vehicles and head to the drop off point.

On your way to the drop off, the enemies will still come at you, so steer clear of them. One quick tip here is that you can throw sticky bombs and simply blow them up, as the bomb is closer to the enemy vehicle. You do not necessarily have to stick them on their vehicle. This will destroy their armoured vehicle in one blast. Just reach the drop off point which will successfully complete your mission.

Exiting the foundry with Agent ULP
Delivering Agent to the drop off

Prep 3 - Riot Control Van

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You need to head to a specified location and start a riot. It is an easy mission. Go to the location and throw tear gas in order to start the riot.

Once the riot starts, you will need to fight the rioters. Do not use any lethal weapons such as a gun or a knife. Just fight them with your fists and eventually a riot control van will show up. Try to stay as far away as possible as soon you hear the sirens of a riot control van because they will use water cannon on you which will drag you on the floor causing an extreme level of health loss.

Just stay at a safe distance and you will notice one of the rioters will go up to the door and drag out the driver. You can also do it if you're careful enough. Make sure you have some snacks and armour just in case things go wrong with the water cannon.

Throwing tear gas

Once you have the riot control van, you will have 3 star wanted level on you. You can either lose the cops by yourself or you can call Lester.

Riot Control Van

Setup 3 - Salvage Hard Drives

This mission might seem daunting at first, but it is actually quite simple if you follow just one rule: stay in your van until the surrounding enemies are cleared off.

You will be asked to head to different locations where some mini-vans are on fire, and need to extinguish the flames and then salvage the hard drives from the vans. The easiest trick to do this one is to first head to the location and extinguish all the vans. After extinguishing the fire, kill off any surrounding enemies from within the van. If you are an operator and driving the van, you won't be able to shoot from the van but only use the water cannon, so your friend needs to kill them off from the van. You can provide a helping hand by showering them with your water cannon, which definitely reduces a good amount of health.

Fire being extinguished at the first location

After clearing off the enemies, you need to position your van in such a way so that the other incoming enemies cannot directly shoot at your friend while he is salvaging the hard drives. Once you've positioned the van, get out of the van and kill any incoming enemies while your friend is salvaging the hard drive.

Make sure you go to the next hard drive by driving in your van, it will provide you protection. Remember to always extinguish the fires first after reaching the sites. There are a total of four sites you need to reach, each getting tougher than the previous one. But make sure you follow our instructions on how to approach these sites.

Killing the enemies around the salvage points while in the van before salvaging

When you get to the last location, quickly extinguish the fires and the mission timer should stop. That timer basically represents the time until the fire destroys the drives. Once the timer is gone, you can take your time in clearing off the enemies and salvaging the last bit of hard drives. Always remember to go to each drive in your van and position your van in a way it covers the salvage point.

Once you kill the enemies around the salvage point, get out and protect your friend as he salvages the van. For the last location, you go straight to salvage point 'E' and start extinguishing from there. After extinguishing all of them, head back to 'E' and start salvaging from there working your way down to salvage point 'A'.

Parking the car perpendicular to the salvage point (circled in red) so that enemies cannot shoot from the left side. You will still need to help your friend a bit by covering him

Prep 4(a) - Strombergs

The fourth setup mission has two prep missions you need to complete before you can do it. In the first prep mission, you need to locate four Strombergs. The Strombergs will be on the move since they will be carried around by a truck. There will be six trucks and only four of them are the correct ones carrying the cars.

We recommend you get either a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II for this particular mission for easier travel. Although this mission is completely possible to complete solo, it is also highly recommended to have at least one friend with. Doing this mission solo will take you a long time to complete.

Stromberg on a parked truck

A good strategy here is to fly over to the trucks and identify the ones carrying the Strombergs first. The trucks are shown as green icons on your mini-map, once you get closer to the trucks, the icon turns into a blue bag if it has a Stromberg on it. If it doesn't, then it just disappears entirely.

Now, first head over to these trucks, identify them and then land slightly ahead of them since they will be on a move. As they get closer, aim at the driver and take him out so that the car stops. He will always be accompanied by a partner on the passenger seat so take him out as well.

You can now be sure of the truck staying there for the entirety of this mission. Keep doing the same with the rest of the trucks as well and finally start taking them back to the facility one by one. Return all four Strombergs to successfully complete this prep mission.

Truck with a stromberg delivered to the facility

Prep 4(b) - Torpedo ECU

In this prep mission you will need to assault an oil barge off the coast and get Electronic Control Units (ECUs) off of it. The barge will be highly guarded. You can either do it solo or with a friend. We recommend you have at least one friend for this mission as there are two units you need to bring back to the facility. If you decide to do it solo then you will need to re-visit the barge and get the second one as well.

Oil barge of the coast

It is best to use either a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II, these vehicles will make the mission much easier for you. If you go in a car then you will have to get to the barge using a jet ski, which will increase the chances of you getting shot at and dying. So, go in either a Buzzard or an Oppressor Mark II, and kill all the guards.

You will also get two enemy choppers, take them down as well. All these enemies can be easily taken out using the homing missiles on your Buzzard or Oppressor. Once you've taken them out, land and get the ECU and bring it back to the facility.

Killing the guards on the barge

On your way back you will again have two enemy choppers chasing you. You can just ignore them and head straight to the facility. If you are doing the mission solo and return back to the other barge, you will notice two enemy choppers hovering over it. Take them out, collect the second unit and bring it back to the facility as well. This completes the second part of the fourth prep mission.

Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

Setup 4 - Submarine Recon

This is one of the easiest missions. You and your friend need to get into the Strombergs and head to North Chumash. You need to destroy a convoy here using your Strombergs. You have the option of using either the machine gun or homing missiles. You can switch to your homing missiles and destroy all the vehicles in the convoy which includes both land vehicles as well as the helicopter. The homing missiles will automatically lock on so you don't have to worry about anything - just shoot.

Destroying the vehicles of the convoy

After destroying the convoy, you and your friend need to head over to the Paleto Cove. You will have to submerge inside the water and will get the option to convert your car into submersible mode. Head to the sea mines around the submarine and destroy them all. Your friend will also be doing the same thing. You don't have to worry about anything since the homing missiles will automatically lock on to the targets, just be careful not to get too close to the sea mines.

Locked on to the sea mine

After destroying all the mines, you need to scan the submarine. There are three points you need to scan, they will be represented by a yellow circle on the mini-map. Head inside these circles for the scan to begin and stay in them until it is finished. Upon completion of the scan quickly get away from the submarine and head for land. Once you're outside of water switch back to the land mode and drive to the drop off point to successfully complete this mission.

Scanning the submarine

Act 2 Finale - The Bogdan Problem

The finale of Act 2 of the Doomsday Heist (The Bogdan Problem) will consist of two teams. One team will be airborne while the other will be assaulting the submarine underwater. Before starting this mission, get some snacks and armor. This is especially important for the underwater team since they will be the ones engaging in a shootout. Both of the teams will go to the Stromberg and the Avenger, which will both be parked together near Paleto Cove.

The stromberg and the avenger

Let's talk about the air team first, since their role is fairly simple. The pilot needs to fly over the submarine and take out the incoming enemy choppers. First, you will need to set the Avenger on auto-pilot and then mount the turret to take out the enemy choppers.

A good tip here is to fly quite high up in the sky above the submarine, this will help you to avoid getting shot at from the attack choppers. And even if they get near you, they will then take quite a bit of time to gain the altitude to be able to hit you. Until they do that, you can take them out.

Cutscene showing entering the submarine

The underwater team needs to get closer to the submarine. When they do, a cut scene will appear showing them entering the submarine. Once you're inside, go through a narrow passage. It will have 3-4 soldiers so kill them and keep moving forward. At the end of the narrow passage, you will see another guard and another set of doors to pass through, once you're through the doors you will be in a room full of screens and consoles.

Here you will find two guards. Take them out and then move forward, as you're passing through the door forward, you will see another guard coming towards you, take him out as well. When you reach the end, you will come across a set of stairs leading you downstairs. Go downstairs and turn left and you should come across a locker room. Passing through the locker room, you will be inside a kitchen where you will see two guards, take them out and continue forward.

Killing the guards in the narrow passage moving forward

Continue forward and you will come across another set of stairs leading you further downstairs. Now, here's the thing when you reach downstairs: you can either turn left or right. The only difference is turning left is completely useless and you will be wasting time killing more enemies for no reason. If you want to be amused you can turn left and keep going until you've cleared all the enemies.

However, if you want to save time, then simply turn right after going downstairs and go through a set of doors to reach the Russian prisoner (contact). There will be one guard there as well. Take him out and then interrogate the prisoner for information. Aim at the prisoner (do not shoot) and he should give you the information.

After getting the information, you need to head back up stairs to the room with a bunch of screens and consoles. Once you reach the room, you need to bring up your phone and take the picture of the table. After that plug the USB in to one of the consoles and a cut scene should start.

The door you need to go through to reach the Russian prisoner (contact)

After the cut scene ends, you will automatically find yourself outside the submarine. Quickly swim to the shore and ask your friend in the Avenger to land at the shore. Re-group in the Avenger and head to Los Santos International Airport. You can use the turret in the Avenger to take out some of the choppers as your friend is flying away. After flying a bit further, they will stop coming at you. Land your Avenger inside Devin Weston's hangar to successfully complete this heist.

Swimming to the shore
Landing the Avenger inside Devin Weston's hangar

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