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Strange NPC Appearance In GTA Online Hints At A Possible New DLC

While news and rumors about GTA 6 continue to arrive almost weekly, GTA Online is dominating the market. Now, there's apparently a new GTA Online DLC in the making featuring the iconic Michael De Santa.

It may or may not be an intentional spill, but GTA Online might have given us the location of the next DLC mission. Ever since 'Expanded and Enhanced' dropped, there have been numerous new updates but nothing as big as The Contracts.

Players are always eager to get new content as they wait for the next title to drop, whenever that may be, and it seems their prayers have been answered. One of the most renowned GTA leakers, Tez2, took to Twitter to share new information regarding a possible new DLC.

Tez2 tweeted about the new movie references found in the PS5 and Xbox Series versions of GTA 5. The files indicate a new scenario spawn point in front of the Record A Studios with the pedestrian model given the "movie_set" name. The official finding credits go to rollschuh2282 on Twitter, as tagged by Tez2.

If you look at the files, you can also see two more references that indicate "male" and "female" fixers in the DLC. We also have "male" and "female" versions of the triathlon. Perhaps new NPCs similar to Mary Ann from the story missions are involved?

Tez2 followed up with another tweet that confirms the new NPC is indeed present in-game. According to Tez2, if you visit the assigned spawn point location between 7 A.M. to 11 A.M. in-game times, you can see the NPC assigned to the "movie_set" name sitting.

The community is concerned that these new leaks have been data mined from the PS5 and Xbox X|S versions of GTA 5. This has caused many to speculate that whatever the new content is will only be for the next-gen consoles and not current players. This is similar to how Hao's Special Works was introduced only for the newer-gen players.


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