Previously Unseen GTA V Loading Screens Surface

The release of the brand new GTA Online 1.29 patch, which contains the epic Freemode Events DLC, has left the community with more questions than answers.


Granted, the release did discount and silence the wave of rumors regarding a "lowrider" DLC preceding the official announcement of GTA Online Freemode Events. But the new update has also posed some interesting questions regarding the future of the franchise. With the game being prepared for a new wave of DLC, and the community consistently discovering things within the game's files they probably shouldn't, the future of the GTA franchise is mired in even more mystery than before.



The most recent find was a set of loading screens which are as of yet un-used in the game. Some of them use concept art that players have already seen, however they have never before been used for the purpose of a loading screen. On the other hand, some of these images are entirely new, and while it is entirely possible, not to mention likely, that they're just previously un-publicized artwork, the chance of them being a hint of the future remains an exciting possibility.

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The various images are all in the realistic-cartoon style characteristic of the franchise, especially GTA V. They feature several backdrops as well as character overlays, including artwork from previous DLC, as well as some new shots. A hillside mansion with two hired guards, a trucker's depot, a heist action shot and what seems like Los Santos after an apocalyptic event (Zombie DLC, anyone?) are the backgrounds, with some familiar faces returning to adorn them.


Whether these were supposed to be introduced in GTA Online Freemode Events, or are to be used in a later DLC and have just been put into active storage is unknown, but with Rockstar teasing a new announcement soon, I doubt we will have to wait long to find out.

What kinds of new GTA updates do you think we will be seeing?


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