Everything New in The Criminal Enterprises DLC (All New Content & Quality-of-Life Updates)

The Criminal Enterprises DLC has a ton of new content and highly requested quality-of-life (QoL) updates. In this guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the new Criminal Enterprises DLC.

Agent ULP Missions

The Agent ULP missions are one of the highlights of the new update. The Criminal Enterprises DLC features a brand new set of contact missions given to you by Agent ULP. Veterans of the game will remember the agent from the Doomsday Heist. Not only does Agent ULP return, but so does Clifford.


You can experience six new missions. All six combined offer a separate, new story. Check out our complete ULP missions guide on how to get started and complete each mission solo.

New Biker Content

The MC clubhouse has received a lot of new updates, including new contract missions. Here’s everything new integrated into the biker business.

Bar Resupply Mission

You can now earn some extra cash by doing a bar resupply mission. You can walk up to the bartender Sindy and interact with her to start a ‘bar resupply’ mission.

Upon completion of the mission, you will earn $10,000. The mission's main objective is to collect and deliver the supplies to your MC clubhouse. Once delivered, you will earn the cash.

You can repeat the mission after waiting for 48 minutes in real-time.

Bar Earnings

You can now collect your bar earnings by going to your clubhouse. You will find a bag full of cash inside your MC clubhouse office.

Bike Deliveries

You can now customize customers’ bikes and deliver them to them for some extra cash. Find the custom bike shop inside your clubhouse.

Approach the available bike inside the shop and interact with it to pay an upfront cost to repair it and install the requested features. The features can include color, resprays, body, and performance modifications.

You need to add features as per the customer's requirement. You can add whatever you like, but customer satisfaction may differ and can result in lower pay. There is a checklist at the bottom-right corner of the screen to keep track of all the customer requirements. Once a requirement is met, a green checkmark will be next to the feature.

After modifications, deliver the bike to the customer to earn your payment.

New Contract Missions

There are two new clubhouse contract missions - Life and Deathbikes and Hit the Roof. In Life and Deathbikes, you first need to make your way to the indicated location and take out the guards. You can also sneak your way in. But, blasting your way in is always the fastest and in such contact missions, you are always on the clock.

Then break into the house and take out more guards. You will then need to press three buttons to figure out which one is the correct one. The correct button will open a door to the secret elevator.

Pressing the wrong button will stun you.

The button inside the bathroom was the correct one for us.

Go through the elevator and you will enter the garage with the deathbike.

Eliminate the guards inside and get on the bike. Drive to exit the garage.

You are required to steal a deathbike and use it to eliminate the rival gang.

After defeating them, you have a choice to either return the bike to the clubhouse and earn some extra cash or not.

In Hit the Roof, you must go to a certain location and identify a container with the Oppressor bike. You will face a lot of resistance, including attack choppers, while on the roof. It is best to have a death machine gun and take the choppers out by shooting at their tail. You have two choices in this mission: use a bobcat to haul the container to the buyer or find the keys in one of the offices on the rooftop to drive the oppressor to the buyer yourself.

Note that you first need to find the industrial cutting saw in one of the offices on the rooftop, in order to open the containers and identify the Oppressor bike. Delivering the bike (using any of the two methods) will complete the mission.

New Nightclub Content

The Nightclub DLC probably had the least amount of content, which a lot of players were disappointed about. Seeing it get a range of new random events and missions is great. Here are all the new activities you can experience in your nightclub.

Nightclub Limo Requests

You can now request a Limo by calling Tony from your contacts.

You can request two types of Limos: the Schafter V12 and the Patriot Stretch.

New Nightclub Management Random Events

Occasionally, Marcel will text you about troublesome attendees at the nightclub. These random events will appear as a blue dot on your mini-map inside of your nightclub. The troublesome folks can appear in multiple locations such as the restroom, the garage, and even by the bar.

You can go up to them and interact with them to kick them out of the nightclub, which will increase your nightclub's popularity.

VIP Nightclub Management Event

In addition to the new random management missions, there is a new VIP management event. This one also shows up on the mini-map randomly, blue in color. However, instead of a blue dot, it is a human-like shape. This event is also given by Marcel.

The VIP member can be anywhere in the club. Refer to your mini-map to find them and interact with them to start a VIP nightclub management mission.

In this mission, you need to drive the VIP to a specific location based on where the game tells you. The location always varies. You can get their home, hospital, or even the rehab center as the drop-off point. Successfully drive the VIP guest to the stated location to complete the mission. This will increase the nightclub’s popularity and earn you some cash.

New Nightclub Management Missions

A new nightclub management mission called Drug Operation has been added, which is given by Tony. You can also call Tony yourself and request a nightclub management mission. The mission you get is always random, of course. Just like it was before the release of the Criminal Enterprises DLC, Drug Operation has now been added as one of the missions.

In this mission, you must first drive around and take out three drug dealers. The best way to accomplish this is by using either the Oppressor Mark II or the Buzzard helicopter.

Once you’ve taken the drug dealers out, you will need to make your way to the cocaine lockup and take out everyone there.

Enter the lockup, eliminate the dealers, and plant explosives.

Exit the locker and use the 'Detonate the bomb' contact in your phone to detonate the planted explosives.

Leave the area and lose the cops to complete the mission.

The second nightclub management mission is called Incriminating Photographs. In this mission, given to you by Tony, you need to recover incriminating photographs. First, you will be asked to go to an apartment and upload the virus into the laptop. Be careful as there is a security camera inside the apartment.

Stay out of the cone of vision, and you should be fine. Upload the virus and exit the apartment. Next, make your way to where the deal is taking place. As you get there, the paparazzi with the original photos will try to make a run for it.

Simply take him out and recover the photographs. It should be fairly easy to take him out as he is on a bike. If you are on an Oppressor Mark II or a Buzzard, then let the auto-targeting homing missiles do the job for you.

If you’ve got cops after you, lose them and then deliver the photographs to your nightclub to complete the mission.

New Nightclub Goods Missions

There are two new missions where you can stock up the nightclub goods. This can be done easily by calling a new contact called Yohan. If you do not have his contact on your phone yet, enter the nightclub at least once after the new update.

Once you’ve got the contact, you can call him and check the stock level and request nightclub goods missions. The first mission requires you to go to the dock and get the cargo from the docked ship.

The second mission requires you to go to a location with a truck carrying the goods. The truck will be driving around, you need to eliminate the driver, get into the truck and deliver it to your nightclub to complete the mission. You will have enemies trying to stop you, so be sure to stock up on some armor and snacks.

New Bunker Content

The bunker (gunrunning) also gets some new updates that help you maximize your bunker-related activities.

Transportation Request

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You can now call Agent 14 to request a bunker vehicle.

You choose one of the following vehicles.

  • Zion Classic
  • Granger
  • Mesa
  • Manchez
  • Verus
  • Caddy

Boost Research Progress

You now have the option to boost your research progress by completing a mission. You can do this by calling Agent 14.

When you call Agent 14, you will get an option to request bunker research. Select that, and you will get a mission.

The mission objectives include going to a location, eliminating enemies, collecting research data, and delivering it to the bunker facility. If you have the cops on you, lose them and enter the bunker facility to complete the mission.

When you get to the location, you need to narrow down on the area of the target.

You can do this by looking for the cops, police helicopters, and gunshot sounds. They are all trying to apprehend an armored person with a machine gun. You need to take him out as well.

You can keep track of his health by looking at the health bar at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The target will drop the research data once you've taken them out. You can collect the data by interacting with it. You need to get out of your vehicle to collect it or else you won't be able to pick it up.

Once you have the research data, lose the cops and deliver the data to the bunker to complete the mission.

Every time you complete this mission, your research bar will increase by a whopping 20%. You can do this mission again but after a cooldown of 20 minutes of real-life time.

Ammu-Nation Contract

You will occasionally find a truck full of weapons and supplies inside your bunker. It is represented by a blue ammo icon on your mini-map.

Enter the vehicle to start the Ammu-Nation Contract. You must deliver this truck to the marked Ammu-Nation to complete the mission and earn RP and cash.

You will get attacked by enemies, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Continue driving to the destination, and they can’t hurt you. Unless you bump into someone else and come to a pit stop.

New Resupply Missions

Two new resupply missions have been added to the bunker. These allow you to fill your stock in new and exciting ways. The first mission requires you to go to the power station and access the terminal to get the flight information.

When you get to the power station, it will be heavily guarded. Take out the enemies and enter. Once you enter, you will find more enemies, take them out and interact with one of the terminals. It is one of the marked computers inside the base.

Wait for the files to transfer, and then exit the area. Now, you must go up in the air and hack the incoming airplane. Before you go anywhere, wait for one of the attack helicopters to come to you and take it out. Otherwise, you can easily be taken out on your way out of the base.

Agent 14 would have arranged a helicopter nearby. There will be a gray icon on your mini-map. Just go to the helicopter to get high up in the air and near the airplane.

When you get close to the airplane, access your phone and use the new app on your phone to hack the airplane. You must stay inside the blue region to hack the plane. Stay inside the region until your hacking progress reaches 100%. The plane will be guarded by at least three attack helicopters. Keep ignoring them and stick close to the airplane.

Once done, go to the marked location to collect the supplies and then deliver them to the bunker facility to complete the mission.

The second mission requires you to go to the beach, take out the smugglers and steal the boat.

Use the boat to get to the drop zone and signal the cargo plane using the flare gun. Shortly, a cargo plane will fly by you, and you must follow it.

Keep following the cargo plane and collect the supplies it drops on the way. Keep collecting them and then dock the boat at the shore.

Once docked, you will automatically get into a van. Drive the van back to the bunker facility to complete the mission.

New Executive Office Content

Next up, the CEO office also got a range of new content.

Export Mixed Goods Mission

You can talk to your Executive Assistant and start a new mission called Export Mixed Goods. In this mission, you are tasked to deliver the mixed goods to the Terminal.

You first must collect the mixed goods and drive them to the cargo ship to receive the payment.

There isn’t much to this mission, but it allows you to earn some extra cash while you wait for other cooldowns (if any).

New Source Missions

There are two new source missions for your special cargo. In the first mission, you must go to an auto shop, eliminate the enemies and enter it.

You need to go upstairs to get the keys from inside the office when you enter. Then go back down and enter the van. There will be enemies inside the auto shop as well. Once you’ve defeated them, some more will spawn after you collect the keys.

So keep an eye out for them. The van has the goods you need. Drive the van to your warehouse to complete the mission.

The second sourcing mission is probably the most challenging mission if you do it solo. This one requires you to go to a parking lot and search the trunk of a car to collect the satchel charges.

After collecting the charges, make your way to the stated location and eliminate the enemies. You will then need to collect the rebreathers from the location. If you already have them, you don’t need to worry about it.

Then you need to go underwater next to the stated location as it has containers sunk to the very bottom of the sea. The rebreathers help you breathe underwater as you search these containers for the materials.

It is recommended that you go to this location in a Buzzard. Try to land it relatively close to the location of the containers, so you can have a slightly easier time getting away from the aimbot of the GTA AI enemy bots.

Dive underwater, and you will see the red marked containers. Swim to them, place charges and blow them open.

The containers with the valuables will show a green briefcase icon. Collect them and then make your way back to the Buzzard. Before you get back into the Buzzard, it is best to destroy the attack helicopters.

Once destroyed, get into your helicopter and make a run for it. Deliver the valuables to the safe house to complete the mission.

We have a tip for you. Ensure you start collecting the valuables after you’ve destroyed all the containers and revealed all three valuables. Collect the second valuable spawns in the attack helicopter if you don't. It is best to delay the spawn as much as possible.

Car Dealerships

Two car dealerships have been introduced which you can use to inspect, test drive, or buy vehicles from.

The good old Premium Deluxe Motorsport run by Simeon is now open for everyone. you can enter and inspect the car you want to buy.

There's another car dealership at Rockford Hills that sells luxury sport vehicles.

Note that the vehicles inside the dealership change every week. And you only get 5 minutes to test drive the car.

Quality of Life Updates

In addition to a number of new missions and content, the DLC features a plethora of QoL updates that players have been requesting for the longest. Here is a complete list of all the new updates that you might have missed.

  • The Oppressor Mark II homing missiles are now less accurate.
  • Snacks and armor can be accessed by pressing a single button while the weapon wheel is up.
  • Killing or dying in free mode won't affect your K/D ratio anymore.
  • You can now easily access different types of sessions (invited only, public, etc.) without going to Story Mode first.
  • Browsing Legendary Motorsport and Southern San Andreas Super Autos have become much more convenient, thanks to the new filtering improvements.
  • You can now equip your Sparrow with Chaff and Flare countermeasures.
  • You can now purchase max ammo for all weapon types with a single option rather than going to each category individually.
  • You can now apply low grip tires on all vehicles that have access to the LS Car Meet.
  • All the vehicles that can fit inside the Avenger and the Mobile Operations Center Workshop can be modified inside instead of a select few vehicles.
  • The Auto Shop staff will have a higher chance of successful customer deliveries. Previously, this was an issue where they would always crash the vehicle reducing its overall value
  • You can now jog inside the casino, the nightclub, and even the music locker.
  • You will now have more time to scope Cayo Perico. In addition, you can get more time before you're kicked off the island.
  • You can now do agency security contract deliveries using the helicopter or by walking in through the roof of the agency where the helipad is.
  • You are not required to pay a charge for destroying another players' vehicle, given they are equipped with weapons.
  • Personal vehicle delivery time has been reduced.
  • Players can now sell their product in an invite-only session.
  • Now that players can sell in an invite-only session, the high-demand bonus for selling in public sessions with other players has increased.
  • If you fail a mission and quick restart, your snacks and armor will be re-stocked. You won't have to worry about quitting the mission and going to the store to buy more armor and snacks.
  • You can now hang up on calls from English Dave, Ms. Baker, Hao, etc.
  • The number of properties that players can buy has been increased from 8 to 10. This means more garage space for new vehicles.
  • You can now top up on snacks with a single press of a button from the assistants at the executive office as well as the facility. This feature was only available in the auto shop, but now has been added in all other locations.
  • PC players can now turn off in-game chat visibility. This was a real issue with all the spammers and modders.

New Vehicles

Six new vehicles are added with more planned to be released in the future. You can check out our dedicated guide showing the list of all the new vehicles added with this DLC.

New Items & Cosmetics

There are over 200 new clothing items added for both male and female characters in GTA Online. We also have two new hairstyles for both male and female characters along with over 60 new tattoos for both genders.

New Liveries & Modifications

In addition to the new vehicles, some of the existing vehicles got new liveries and modification options.

These vehicles are:

  • Grotti Turismo R
  • Ubermacht Sentinel
  • Benefactor Stirling GT
  • Pegassi Zentorno
  • Cheval Picador
  • Benefactor Schwartzer

New Weapons

There are two new weapons featured in the Criminal Enterprises DLC. One of the two is already available in-game, while the other will be available in-game at a later date.

The weapons are the Precision Rifle and the Service Carbine Rifle. The latter will be obtainable by completing a hunt and collecting five parts. We will have a guide on it as soon as it is out.

The Precision Rifle is a scope-less rifle that you can purchase for $450,000 from your nearest Ammu-Nation.

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