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GTA V's Crouching and Prone Mod Updated

While in the world of GTA V modding, the spotlight is often stolen by large-scale flashy mods, those files which subtly improve the overall gameplay experience deserve some time on the big-stage as well. Users of mods tend to look for the kinds of projects that don't necessarily turn Los Santos on its head with lore-breaking and overly wacky additions. Many are more interested in mods that work well together with the gameplay and story mechanics laid down by Rockstar.

Sure, flying around the world of GTA V in an Imperial Star Destroyer, or wrecking it with the powers of the Incredible Hulk may be entertaining and unique - for about an hour. However, these aren't mods you keep turned on all the time. These aren't mods that follow you into missions you want to seriously complete.

Mods like Stance - Crouch/Prone mod however are. Created by one of the most reputable modders in the GTA V community, JediJosh920, this mod adds a wider range of tactical stance options as seen in many FPS games.

The mod as initially released last December, but very recently got an update which, among others, added controller support and rewrote the entire code - probably for optimization purposes. The controls are simple - the mod overrides that "stealth" function the game has that no-one ever uses.

Pressing the assigned key will switch between crouching and standing, while keeping it pressed will make your character go prone. If pressed while moving, your character will perform a dive or combat roll.

The Stance mod has become one of the highest rated and most downloaded of all GTA V mods - excluding car mods, of course. It's quite clear that while over-the-top mods like the insane vehicle packs or something as far out as Planet Chimp have their appeal, it is those files that integrate well with regular gameplay (hence the popularity of the car mods) are the most downloaded.

We've featured the work of JediJosh920 on multiple occasions. He is one of the most frequent uploaders and his mods are almost universally praised. Ranging from the more grounded files like this one all the way to the wacky end of the spectrum, he has most aspects of GTA V covered.

The majority of his mods are smaller, lighter gameplay additions which blend well with regular gameplay, in order not to detract from the sense of realism Rockstar has achieved.

What kinds of miscellaneous gameplay mods do you use for GTA V?


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