GTA 5's World Becomes More Vibrant (Mod)

Typically, GTA 5's mod popular mods are quite specific in their nature. They either affect one concrete aspect of gameplay, add a specific new feature or tweak clearly defined attributes of the game. Even total conversion mods like LSPDFR have a clear direction. However, occasionally a mod turns out to affect GTA 5 on multiple levels, tweaking this, that and whatnot to get an overall better experience.

There world improvement mods used to be all the craze in the modding community a while back, but no new ones have popped up anytime recently. These usually added random events to the game, changed the way police or NPCs react to the player or just litter GTA 5 with tiny but meaningful changes.


A new mod has recently popped up to strengthen the ranks of these world improvement projects which takes the route of adding a wide selection of new random events to the game. Ever since launch, GTA 5 players have been wishing for more varied and frequent random events in the game.

Despite the high number of similar mods, Darkmyre's GTA Comes Alive mod manages to add entirely new and original encounters. Many of them seem pretty self explanatory, with names like "Flat Tire", "Blown Engine" and "Road Rage".

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There is a decent mix between passive and active random events. We consider events where you blow a tire or and engine to be passive. They just happen and there's not much you can do about it. The active events count for "Mugging", "Murder" and "Lost MC". In these cases, opponents will appear and either confront you or another NPC, prompting combat.


GTA 5 isn't really the kind of game where you get bored for lack of things to do. There is a massive pool of side-missions, collectibles, vanilla random events and challenges to complete even once you've finished the - pretty long - story. Even when you've gotten 100% completion, there is plenty of metagame for you to explore. Easter eggs and the Mt. Chiliad Mystery offer plenty of unexplored content.

Even so, the massive modding community that has developed around GTA 5 can't help but keep on expanding it. At this point, the mods have become so varied and numerous that you can increase the potential playtime of the game exponentially, packing it full of content - of your choosing - buffing out the time value of it to upwards of a thousand hours.

And then you haven't even touched Online yet.

Do you hope Rockstar include a greater number of random events in their next GTA game?


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