Five of our Favorite GTA 5 Glitches

Glitches are often a source of contention in video games. Some are bad enough to make the game crash or render it un-winnable, which always annoy fans. Such glitches lead to debates about rushed games and whether or not the developer should have caught the problems beforehand. Then there are controversial glitches, such as Grand Theft Auto Online’s notorious vehicle duplication exploit, which unbalanced the game’s economy.

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But sometimes glitches are fun. Players don’t wish they were caught before the game’s release. Instead, they’re sad when a patch takes the glitches away. They are remembered as great tricks, not as problems, and GTA V certainly has its share of those.

So, what are some of GTA 5’s most popular glitches?

Appearance Glitches

These had no effect on gameplay, but they sure were entertaining. One glitch warped the player’s character model to the point where it looked like an alien abomination. Others just allowed players to take their existing characters back to the customization screen and change their appearance or gender.


The simplest, but perhaps most popular, appearance trick let characters wear hats, masks, and glasses at the same time. Fans loved it, and no matter how many times Rockstar patched it, another method was always waiting to be discovered.

Single Player to Multiplayer

In general, the single player GTA V and the multiplayer GTA Online are kept as separate experiences, but not everyone likes that—especially not the people who counted this glitch among their favorites. Through various methods, some of which required the help of a friend, a player could take any vehicle from single player mode into GTA Online.

It was patched on several occasions, which resulted in all the different techniques as players searched for workarounds. After all this time, it seems to be gone for good… as many of the best glitches are.

Store a Jet in Your Garage

When players discovered they could steal the Lazer Fighter Jet, their excitement was nothing compared to when they discovered a glitch that let them store it in their GTA Online garages. Even better, fans found a glitch in the vehicle insurance system that allowed them to insure the jet, as well.

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Besides the awesomeness of having a jet in your garage, it’s hard to beat the humor of your mechanic trying to drive the jet to you. The glitch applied to other vehicles, as well, but the jet was the most popular. After two patches addressed the issue, it looks like this glitch is no longer possible.

North Yankton

North Yankton is a snowy state seen in two of GTA V’s missions, “Prologue” and “Bury the Hatchet.” It was otherwise never visited… until a glitch made it accessible in GTA Online. Ludendorff, the North Yankton town featured in the glitches, would appear in the air above Los Santos. Players could then travel there with a helicopter.

The floating Ludendorff was filled with strange sounds and unusual occurrences due to its partially-completed state, and many players were sad when a patch removed their ability to visit it.

Now that we’ve gone through four of the top fan-favorite glitches, we only have one to go, one that fans seem to miss more than any other.

So, what is it? What GTA V glitch have players enjoyed the most so far?

The Hooker Glitch

Rockstar may have patched the original vehicle duplication glitch, but many players continued to search for a new one. This, the number one fan-favorite GTA V glitch, is yet another way to duplicate vehicles. A player could pick up a prostitute, frighten her to keep her in the car after he exited, and then kill her. The player could then order a free car and swap them, which would create a duplicate of the one the dead prostitute was in.

It was a single player glitch through which players could earn millions of dollars in just a few minutes. It was patched once, and fans found a workaround, but the latest update has patched it again.

Whenever a glitch gives a player an advantage, you have to sympathize with Rockstar’s decision to remove it. All the same, it’s hard not to feel sad when fans discuss their favorite glitches and almost all of them have been “fixed.”

Of course, there are many other glitches beyond these five, and everyone has their own personal favorites. What GTA V glitches have you enjoyed the most?

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