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Fan-made GTA 6 Map Has Fans Salivating At Its Size

A larger map doesn't necessarily result in a better game, but we'd be lying if we didn't say that the prospect of a Miami-sized open-world area got us excited.

The map is the heart and soul of every GTA game and each sequel has tried to trump its predecessor. The only exception is 2008's GTA IV, which had a smaller map compared to 2004's GTA: San Andreas.

So, when a concept map for GTA 6 made its way online and teased a significantly larger playground, you can only imagine the hype.

As per the image above, the artist conceptualized a map for Grand Theft Auto VI that's nearly three times larger compared to GTA V's. This would give it a land area of nearly 150 square kilometers, which is roughly the size of Miami.

Coincidentally, there are rumors that Rockstar Games will go back and expand on the Miami-inspired setting of 2002's GTA: Vice City for the next GTA game. Not to mention, a map this large would also coincide with the earlier report that GTA VI will have 500+ hours of content.

Unfortunately, outside of confirming that GTA 6 is in development and how it's still coming, we haven't heard much about the game at all.

At this point, fans will do anything to find out more about GTA 6.

Hopefully, Rockstar Games decides to break its silence soon enough. Otherwise, fans will only continue growing more anxious after the most recent financial report didn't list GTA 6 as part of Take-Two's upcoming slate of games.


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