All Scope Out Locations (Intel) In GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist

There are three parts to the Cayo Perico Heist: intel gathering, prep and the heist finale. This guide covers the first part - intel gathering/scope out locations.

The beautiful Cayo Perico is a secure private island located in the Caribbean, off Colombia. Although the island looks fun and suitable for leisure, it is run by a notorious drug lord named Juan Strickler, who also goes by the name "El Rubio."


And, of course, using a private island for drug manufacturing tends to mean there will be many "valuables" around, just waiting to be grabbed if you're willing to take the risk. The Cayo Perico heist has three main parts: Intel, Prep, and the Finale.

This guide will focus on the Intel part of the heist. In Intel, you must gather information around the Cayo Perico island by scoping it out and sending pictures to Pavel, your submarine keeper. A number of scope out points are automatically done for you as part of the introduction when you first land. The rest of them are optional.

To successfully scope out a location or piece equipment, you must take a picture of that location or equipment using your phone and send it to Pavel.

There are five categories of Intel that you can scope out:

  • Secondary Targets: These are targets other than the main Madrazo File, and finding each secondary target increases your max potential payout. Secondary targets include cash, weed, gold, and paintings.
  • Infiltration Points: There are eight infiltration points that determine how you enter the island during the heist. Having more infiltration points scoped out allows for more approach options.
  • Escape Points: These are the locations that will be used to escape the island after getting the primary target. There are four escape points.
  • Compound Entry Points: Six compound entry points allow you to enter El Rubio's compound during the heist. You can choose whichever entry point you prefer.
  • Points of Interest: There are six points of interest on the island, two of which have a fixed location every time you start a new heist and won't need any further scoping. However, the rest of the items have a random spawn order but fixed locations. We have covered all the possible points of interest locations below. Points of Interest allow you to add variety to your heist by giving you more options to approach it.

    Note that there are six points of interest in total, but each of them might need to be grabbed multiple times to count as a finally completed point of interest. For instance, there are four bolt cutters scattered around the map spawned randomly. You must collect all four to count it as a "single" point of interest.

  • Overview

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    Infiltration Points

    As mentioned before, the infiltration points determine how and where you enter the island from when the heist starts. There are eight infiltration points on Cayo Perico island, which are as follows:


    The airstrip is the runway you see when you first enter the island. It is automatically added as an infiltration point once you arrive at the island for the first time. You do not need to worry about scoping it out yourself.

    Halo Jump

    Once again, the Halo Jump is also added on its own whenever you first arrive at the island. It is understood that the island is pretty much scoped out of the plane whenever you are above the island.

    West Beach

    The West Beach infiltration point is also unlocked automatically, once you get to the party after landing on the island. The rest of the infiltration points need to be scoped out.

    Main Dock

    North Dock

    You shouldn't have any issues finding the North Dock infiltration point as it is part of the tutorial or introduction of the Cayo Perico scope out mechanics. Pavel will instruct you to scope it out. We've shown the location below regardless.

    North Drop Zone

    South Drop Zone

    Drainage Tunnel

    Note that you do not need to take a picture of the drainage tunnel. Swim to the location shown below, and it will automatically be added as an infiltration point.

    Escape Points

    There are four escape points in Cayo Perico, two of which are added automatically, leaving you with one escape point that must be scoped manually. If you've gone through the infiltration points, then they would have been added already.


    As mentioned before, The airstrip is the runway you see when you first enter the island. It will be automatically added as an escape point.


    Kosatka is the name of your submarine, and it will be anchored north of the airstrip. This is also added automatically.

    Main Dock

    If you've scoped out the main dock during the infiltration points, then it will be added as an escape point as well.

    North Dock

    The same goes for the north dock. If you scope it out, then it will be added as an infiltration and escape point.

    Compound Entry Points

    All of the compound entry points are added by hacking into the CCTV cameras and scoping the compound area. Only one compound entry point is scoped outside of the cameras, and chances are you've already got that when you were scoping out the infiltration points.

    To begin, you must make your way to the communications tower as the game instructs. The location will be on the mini-map, and you need to follow the on-screen instructions. Once at the tower, climb up to the signal box and hack it.

    To hack the signal box, you will need to reach the target number given at the top of the screen by connecting the wires from left to right. There are numbers on the left side and the symbols are on the right side. There is no specific order as it is random for each person. You will need to figure it out by playing around a bit. Do not worry too much though, as it can be done fairly easily. Connect the numbers to the symbols on the right to achieve the target value.

    After successfully hacking into the signal box, you will be locked into the CCTV camera of El Rubio's compound. You can cycle through the cameras to find the entry points. Here are all the locations:

    Main Gate

    The main gate is automatically added for us when we reach the compound. But, just in case, go through all the cameras to make sure.

    North Wall

    North Gate

    South Wall

    South Gate

    Drainage Tunnel

    The drainage tunnel that you scope out during the infiltration points is also one of the compound entry locations.

    The Secondary Targets

    The secondary targets are the targets that you can find during the heist's intel gathering phase, to maximize your potential payout. These are side targets besides the primary objective - the Madrazo Files. These secondary targets include cash, weed, gold, and paintings, as mentioned before, and they have a fixed location where they spawn - however, they always spawn in a random order.

    Some secondary targets are found when you hack into the CCTV camera, but the majority of them are scoped out around the Cayo Perico island. This is quite a tedious process, so we do not recommend scoping the secondary targets if you plan on running this heist solo. There's only a limited amount of these targets (ie cash, weed, gold or pantings) that you can carry until your loot bag reaches its maximum capacity. It's best to scope out all the targets if you have at least 3 or 4 players doing the heist.

    Secondary Targets - CCTV

    Here are all the possible secondary locations found through the CCTV cameras in the compound.


    There seems to be a highly valuable secondary target that shows up in this glass exhibit. This is probably when you do the heist on hard difficulty. It's in the same basement room as the primary target, the Madrazo Files.

    Basement Storage

    There are two cash/gold tables and two painting slots in the basement storage.

    Office (Cam 1 & 2)

    There are two cameras in the Office, and you can find one painting slot in each camera. This means that there are two painting slots in the office.

    West Storage (Cam 1 & 2)

    There are two cameras inside the West Storage. You can see one cash/gold table and a painting slot through cam 1 and another cash/gold table through cam 2. You will have two cash/gold tables and one painting slot in the West Storage.

    North Storage (Cam 1 & 2)

    Like the West Storage, the North Storage will also have two cash/gold tables and one painting slot. You can see one cash/gold table and a painting slot through cam 1 and another cash/gold table through cam 2.

    South Storage (Cam 1 & 2)

    There are two cameras installed in the South Storage room with three secondary target slots. Cam 1 shows one cash/gold table, while cam 2 shows a cash/gold table and a painting slot. You need to pan all the way to the right to see the second cash/gold table.

    Secondary Targets - The Island

    The rest of the secondary targets are found scattered all around Cayo Perico island. These also have fixed locations, but they spawn in random order. These can be anything amongst cash, gold, and weed - paintings cannot spawn in these locations.

    You must take the pictures of the secondary targets individually for them to be registered. If you take the pictures of two tables in a single photo, only one target will be registered, so you must take another picture.

    Secondary Targets 1, 2, 3 & 4

    These secondary targets are found inside the warehouse located at the airstrip.

    There are two more in the warehouse, which you can access either by climbing up the ladders located at the far right side of the warehouse or by using the forklift to get to the elevated surface to your right.

    Secondary Targets 5 & 6

    Secondary Targets 7 & 8

    Secondary Targets 9, 10 & 11

    Secondary Targets 12 & 13

    Secondary Targets 14 & 15

    Secondary Targets 16, 17 & 18

    Secondary Targets 19 & 20

    Secondary Targets 21 & 22

    Secondary Targets 23 & 24

    Points of Interest (POI)

    Furthermore, there are points of interest on the island, which you can scope out to give you additional heist approaches and different options. There are different types of points of interest. Two of the points of interest are fixed - the Control Tower and Power Station. The rest of them spawn randomly, but at fixed locations every heist you do.

    Below, we show you all the possible POI locations, including the locations where we found our equipment. For the locations where we didn't find, we have circled the exact spot in red where the items or equipment will spawn every time (if that location is one of the spawn points for you)

    Control Tower

    The Control Tower is the easiest and will remain the same throughout your Cayo Perico heist experience. The Control Tower is located at the airstrip. Take a picture of the tower and send it to Pavel to register this POI. The Control Tower is hard to miss as it is part of the tutorial when you first land on the island. The Control Tower disables the air defense system and allows your hired support crew to aid you during the heist.

    Power Station

    The Power Station is also located at the airstrip, near the Control Tower. You can scope it out, and later during the heist, it can help you take down CCTV cameras and lights briefly. It also reduces the Guard's vision at night time.

    Bolt Cutters

    Here are the locations of all the bolt cutters on the island. They are mostly around a red toolbox. If you see a red toolbox, you should consider that location as one of the bolt cutters' spawn locations.

    Bolt Cutters 1

    This location is along the runway of the airstrip. There is a bunch of containers and metal boxes on the side of the runway. The bolt cutters will be on one of the metal containers.

    Bolt Cutters 2

    This one is located at the beginning of the airstrip. There will be a couple of boxes, and the bolt cutters will be on a black briefcase resting on top one of the wooden boxes.

    Bolt Cutters 3

    The bolt cutters will be on the table at the indicated location. This is also near the airstrip.

    Bolt Cutters 4

    These bolt cutters are located near the power station. You must go to the end of the road where the solar panels are and look for some wooden boxes and a red toolbox. The bolt cutters will be on the ground beside the wooden boxes.

    Bolt Cutters 5

    You can find these bolt cutters in a wrecked boat stranded at the North Drop Zone. Get inside the boat, and the bolt cutter will be lying on the ground next to the wooden boxes and, of course, a red toolbox.

    Bolt Cutters 6

    This bolt cutter is unmissable as it is part of the "tutorial" when you first land on the island. It is found resting on a metal container near the North Dock.

    Bolt Cutters 7

    There is another boat by the North Sock with some tools inside. It also has a red toolbox and is a possible spawn location for one of the bolt cutters.

    Bolt Cutters 8

    There is a building at the end of the main North Dock road. If you go behind the building, you will find a set of ladders to climb up. You will find some more wooden boxes and a red toolbox. The bolt cutters will spawn next to the wooden box on the ground.

    Bolt Cutters 9

    This one is found in a shack, which is located in the middle of the map. You will find some people making and packing drugs. The bolt cutter spawns on one of the metallic shelves.

    Bolt Cutters 10

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    This bolt cutter location is near the weed farm located to the far east, by the shack containing secondary targets. The bolt cutters will be on the floor. It will be difficult to notice these at first, as they blend quite well with the garbage on the ground.

    Bolt Cutters 11

    This one is found at the base of the sniper tower, located east of the same farm. There will be a stack of wooden planks at the base of the tower. The bolt cutters will be resting on these planks.

    Bolt Cutters 12

    These bolt cutters are also at the sniper tower base located directly east of the main radio tower, where you hack the signal box. You will find the bolt cutters leaning against the laundry container.

    Bolt Cutters 13

    You can find this bolt cutter at the western edge of the island near the security border of El Rubio's compound. It will be next to a skeleton.

    Bolt Cutters 14

    These bolt cutters are resting at the base of one of the water towers.

    Bolt Cutters 15

    This one is also hidden quite well near the main docks. You will have to look closely for this one as it is camouflaged in many other items.

    Bolt Cutters 16

    These bolt cutters are found in the heart of the island, where the security is the tightest. You will need to be careful when making your way to this location. The bolt cutters are on top of a wooden box inside a docked boat by the docks.

    Guard Clothing

    Guard clothing is always in a green-colored basket with red and white uniforms inside.

    Guard Clothing 1

    The first location is at the airstrip where the pilot sits. The basket will be by the wall.

    Guard Clothing 2

    The second location is also nearby at the airstrip. The basket will be on the balcony of the building with the staircase leading up to it.

    Guard Clothing 3

    The third location where the basket can spawn is at the end of the dock located south of the airstrip. Go to the very end of the dock, and you will find it resting by the small set of stairs.

    Guard Clothing 4

    You can also find the guard clothing inside a shed located near the North Dock.

    Guard Clothing 5

    There is another guard clothing basket resting by the metallic container accommodation.

    Guard Clothing 6

    The sixth location is at the end of the main road near the North Dock. The basket will be next to some wooden boxes.

    Guard Clothing 7

    The seventh location is also in the same general area. You will find the basket by the red boat under a small shelter.

    Guard Clothing 8

    The basket will be next to the door of a yellow building on an elevated concrete surface. This is one of the first buildings you will see when you go through the security checkpoint.

    Guard Clothing 9

    This location is also in the middle of the island, where security is high. You will find the basket just next to some wooden boxes and a barrel.

    Guard Clothing 10

    You can find this one at the base of the main communications tower in the middle of the tower, where you hack the signal box to gain access to El Rubio's CCTV cameras.

    Guard Clothing 11

    You can find this basket next to the air defense system next to one of the sniper towers. The green basket will be on the ground next to it.

    Guard Clothing 12

    You will find the basket resting by some cardboard boxes at the base of one of the sniper towers located northeast of El Rubio's main gate entrance.

    Guard Clothing 13

    It is located next to a small building on the far west of the island.

    Guard Clothing 14

    This basket is also in the same general area under a shelter next to some barrels and wooden boxes.

    Guard Clothing 15

    The basket will be on the ground next to some water containers.

    Guard Clothing 16

    This one is found inside a container in a highly secured area. There is a sniper tower and a guard is patrolling the area too. Be cautious when approaching this area.

    Grappling Equipment

    The grappling equipment is also found all over the island in fixed locations. You must collect four of these to register the grappling equipment POI. It's a black bag with a silver grappling hook coming out of it.

    Grappling Equipment 1

    You can find this one at the end of the runway of the airstrip.

    Grappling Equipment 2

    Go to the end of the road that leads to the solar panels near the airstrip and continue moving forward towards the shore. You will find the grappling equipment here on the wooden crate.

    Grappling Equipment 3

    This one is also near the same shoreline but near a wrecked boat. There will be a huge wooden crate. The grappling hook will be hidden behind it. You might miss it so don't forget to look behind the wooden crate.

    Grappling Equipment 4

    The equipment is on a wooden crate at the base of a sniper tower.

    Grappling Equipment 5

    You can find it in the middle of the island on an old rusted boat.

    Grappling Equipment 6

    This grappling equipment is in the middlemost shore, on a wooden crate, by a docked boat.

    Grappling Equipment 7

    This will be on top of a water tank near the North Dock area.

    Grappling Equipment 8

    The equipment will be on top of a building with some wooden crates and a red toolbox.

    Grappling Equipment 9

    The grappling equipment will be on top of a shorter water tank in the North Dock area.

    Grappling Equipment 10

    This one is a bit harder to spot at first. But, it is in the small gap of the crane.

    Grappling Equipment 11

    This equipment is found under a shelter by the weed farm. The bag will be resting on top of the cardboard boxes in the shelter.

    Grappling Equipment 12

    This location is at the easternmost edge of the island.

    Grappling Equipment 13

    The grappling equipment is on top of the communications tower.

    Grappling Equipment 14

    The grappling equipment will be under the stairs of the lighthouse.

    Grappling Equipment 15

    This one was a bit tricky to find for us, but it won't be for you. This is not exactly on top of the water tank but halfway through.

    Grappling Equipment 16

    You can find the grappling equipment in a small gap in the crane at the island's main dock.

    Supply Trucks

    Luckily there are only five possible locations where you can find the supply truck, and they are as follows:

    Supply Truck 1

    The first location is at the airstrip.

    Supply truck 2

    The second location is by the North Dock.

    Supply Truck 3

    The third location is in the middle of the map under a shelter.

    Supply Truck 4

    The fourth location is near the main dock. That is where we found our supply truck.

    Supply Truck 5

    The fifth truck location is inside the compound.

    You can only see it through the CCTV camera.

    Using These Items and POIs

    Below, you will find the reason you need to find and use of each of the above-mentioned pieces of equipment and items that you are required to collect on the island.

    • Control Tower: The control tower disables the air defense system and allows your hired support crew to aid you during the heist.
    • Power Station: It helps you take down CCTV cameras and lights briefly. It also reduces the Guard's vision at night time.
    • Bolt Cutters (x4): These help you open up locked storages without alerting the guards.
    • Grappling Equipment (x4): This allows you to climb the walls of the compound if you've scoped the north or south wall infiltration points.
    • Guard Clothing (x4): If you have the guard clothing, the guards take longer to detect you. You can also use the clothing in combination with the supply truck to enter the compound through the main gate.
    • Supply Truck: As mentioned above, if used with the guard clothing, you can drive through the main gate to enter the compound.

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This is the best general guide I have found for the scope out locations of this heist. I have been having so many issues with Cayo Perico, mainly from getting frustrated at certain points and other plays messing the heist up. Going to try this again this weekend.

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Nice! I was wondering which other spots for the Cayo Perico heist could be accessed. I want to try all heists every way possible just to see how things go. I have already completed all of them at least once but didn't do them in various ways yet.

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You know where you have to use the lock codes by the door at the same time? I have tried three times now and each time I get stuck. I have tried with different players and nothing seems to work. I don't know if this is a glitch with the heist or not.

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What are you playing on, like console or PC? I heard there is an issue with this on PC more so than console and it is a quick fix. I would have to find it again cause I had to look it up for someone at work awhile back.

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