All 10 Antenna Locations For Cayo Perico Heist In GTA Online

There are three parts to the Cayo Perico Heist: intel gathering, prep and the heist finale.

The new party and music-themed Cayo Perico brings heaps of new content along with a new type of collectible that rewards you handsomely in the form of $GTA, RP, and a new radio station called Still Slipping Los Santos.


There are ten radio antennas scattered throughout Los Santos. You need to repair them all for Joy Orbison to earn a total of $250,000, 10,000 RP, and a new radio station along with additional rewards - possibly a t-shirt once the radio station is available in-game.

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How To Start

To begin, you must visit Mirror Park and look for a yellow "J?" icon on the map. This icon will be in Mirror Park. You do not see the J icon in the image below as it disappeared for us as soon as we approached it, followed by a message from Joy.

You need to approach the marked location, and after which Joy will send you a message about the antennas.

Note if you do not go to Mirror Park, you won't be able to interact with the radio antennas to fix them. Below, we have the locations of all the radio antennas that you can find. You can repair these antennas in any order.

Antenna 1

The first antenna is found on top of one of the buildings at Cyprus Flats. This location is possibly a gang-infested area with a large red circle, so be careful not to start a gang fight here accidentally.

Antenna 2

You can find the second antenna on top of a building overlooking the Vespucci Beach at Goma Street in San Andreas.

Antenna 3

This antenna can be found on top of Kortz Center located at Pacific Bluffs.

Antenna 4

The fourth antenna is on top of a building in Burton.

Antenna 5

The fifth antenna is near Galileo Park in Vinewood Hills.

Antenna 6

The sixth antenna is in Grand Senora Desert at the base of another huge tower. It is located south-west of the Sandy Shores Airfield.

Antenna 7

The seventh antenna is sitting just next to a house in Sandy Shores.

Antenna 8

The eighth antenna is in the San Chianski Mountain Range. You will find it inside a small electrical substation.

Antenna 9

This antenna is found on top of Mount Chiliad at the cable car station.

Antenna 10

The final antenna is found directly north-west of Mount Chiliad in a small town in Paleto Bay. The antenna is on top of one of the buildings behind Ammu-Nation.

After repairing the final antenna, you will receive a message from Joy once again that confirms the completion of this collectible mission. The message also states some merch in the future, which leads us to assume that additional rewards include a t-shirt once the radio is available.

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