Top 6 GTA Online DLCs We'd Like To See

With the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit slowly losing it's new-car smell and the gunrunning update still a ways away, the community has reverted to its usual speculative nature and players are constantly brainstorming ideas for new DLC. A number of concepts have been floating about the internet for some time now, but new ideas often appear too.



The topic of potential future DLC is pretty much evergreen in terms of discussion in the GTA Online community, and we've wrote up our own ideas for DLC in the past many times as well. The game really has a lot of potential for the addition of fun new game mechanics, and while Rockstar's developers have done right by this, some players feel they didn't yet realize the full extent of GTA Online's expandability.


We've put together a list of some DLC concepts we'd love to see added to GTA Online in the coming months and years - since Rockstar is planning to keep things going strong at least until 2020. Some of these are common requests among the community, while others are ideas we've come up with in-house.

Police DLC

After a biker themed update - which was made reality last year - this was and is probably the second most frequently requested update among the community. The players' love of police work is further evidenced by the existence of things like LSPDFR, a total conversion mod which turns GTA 5 into a police simulator.


With cop outfit glitches being more sought after than money glitches, players constantly trying to customize cars to resemble police vehicles and never ending begging on forums and community sites to add official police content, it's pretty obvious this would make many players very very happy - and they're likely to spend a whole lot.

Imagine Rockstar adding a full suite of law enforcement vehicles, from your average police cruiser through larger armored riot vehicles to more specialized rides like police helicopters and bikes. All of this would add up to millions in GTA$, and with so many enthusiasts wanting to get in on the fun, this would boost Shark Card sales immensely.

We imagine the DLC being framed as the player 'going undercover' as a crooked cop and tapping into the LSPD's communications. Whenever they get a tip about a weapons shipment, the player goes and seizes it for themselves, all the while flying police colors. Going undercover would unlock police outfits and the ability to arrest other players.

Military DLC


We don't know enough about the upcoming gunrunning update to be sure that it will fit into this niche, so we're going to assume that it doesn't. Following the bikers and police enthusiasts, the military fans are the third largest sub-niche in GTA Online's community and they've been jumping for a thematic DLC as well.

While the game has some military vehicles available, like the Rhino tank and Hydra (ugh) jet, it's clearly not a main focus. The military update could fit into the current vein of high-profile crime by allowing players to found their own PMCs much like they have organizations and MCs. Other players could join as mercenaries, the update would add more military clothing and military vehicles available during mercenary contracts and challenges.

Aquatic DLC

Michael Jetski

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We wrote up a concept for an update that would finally make proper use of all that sea around the GTA Online map that's never really used. There's a whole lot of it, and adding content which has players get their feet wet would be welcome.

Our idea was a wackier evolution of the CEO concept by making players straight up Bond villains with henchmen, a secret underwater HQ and various superweapons with which they can temporarily 'rule the world' until an automated system that sends an NPC spy to your HQ disables the superweapon.

Players would be able to customize and upgrade their undersea hideout and buy massive superweapons with which they can take the world hostage, so to say. These superweapons would vary in size and complexity, with the bigger ones costing veritable fortunes. The bigger and more expensive the weapon, the longer you're in charge of the lobby. To prevent abuse, there would exist a system that guarantees the destruction of the superweapon, which then goes on a cooldown until the henchmen fix it.


The update would also add a whole lot of aquatic vehicles, such as weaponized submarines, a wider variety of boats and jetskis.

Cunning Stunts: Sea and Air

The Special Vehicle Circuit update is just the first step on the vast field of expansion present for the Cunning Stunts concept. Initially we got wacky, deadly versions of regular races, whereas Special Vehicle circuit mixed in the abilites and gadgets of three uniqe rides. The next logical step would be getting free of the restriction to ground vehicles and set up stunt tracks for other vehicle types as well.

Gta V Dodo Seaplane

While stunt sea races sound cool too, the aerial stunt races could be the real gamechangers. We're talking airshow style stunts, but with the over-the-top flair GTA is known for. Fly though spinning hoops, moving obstacles, hit checkpoints placed between precariously narrow passes and escape NPC planes trying to shoot your down - this could be the future of Cunning Stunts.

Rigged Elections DLC

Rockstar has proven that they really like their white collar crime updates with the CEO series, so why not take the concept one step further and bring politics into the mix? Seeing as GTA is, at its core, a satirical social commentary, and Rockstar doesn't shy away from these topics, allowing - no, encouraging - players to swindle, cheat, bribe and murder their way into the Los Santos mayor's office would be a perfect fit.

Again, this could be framed much like CEO gameplay. You have your party set up, where the founding players is the candidate. The other players who are members of the party manage the candidate's "campaign", which involves various missions which undermine the campaigns of the rivals thorough blackmail, the assassination of key individuals and framing opponents for crimes committed by yourself.

Jock Cranley

Whenever a candidate reaches a certain number of points from these missions called votes, they and their associates would be granted various privileges within the lobby. The police wouldn't bother them, what's more, they could add wanted stars to other players at will. They would have discounts on items across the board because they no longer pay taxes (not that we expect the GTA Online protagonist to pay too many taxes, but bear with us here) and more.

Map Expansion

Okay, this is a pretty obivous one, but come on, who doesn't want to see another city added to the GTA Online map? While the map itself is quite large, we feel that it's slowly becoming bloated and far too small for the amount of content squeezed into it through all of these DLCs. Of course, most players are hoping for the addition of Liberty or Vice City, but we feel it would be more logical to add one of the other cities from San Andreas, preferrably Las Venturas - who wouldn't want to play GTA in virtual Las Vegas, after all?

GTA Online is an ever growing, ever expanding game, and these are some of the directions we'd love to see it go.


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