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Rockstar Games drops multi-glitch hotfix update for GTA Online

Rockstar Multi Glitch Update Gta Online
Unfortunately, some individuals have found a workaround for the current patch for the Taxi Work God Mode glitch.

GTA Online players have spent the better part of the week complaining about being deathly afraid to play in public lobbies due to a game-breaking glitch. Thankfully, Rockstar Games was quick to fix the exploit. The only problem is that the issue added to Rockstar's workload and forced it to push back an update that would address the ongoing "God mode" glitches in GTA Online, which just came out recently.

Tez2, a well-known Rockstar insider, pointed out the hotfix for GTA Online that targets five glitches, namely:

The "Taxi God Mode glitch" is pretty self-explanatory. It has something to do with the new Taxi Work update that lets players do unusual stuff. The "Skip Dax/Yohan Cooldown Luxury Autos" bug has something to do with a workaround that lets players skip the cooldown on Dax and Yohan's missions. The rest don't need further explanation.

Surprisingly enough, not everyone is happy that Rockstar fixed the glitches. Others are expressing their disappointment online, saying that it's now more difficult for them to grind through missions. Finally, some complain that Rockstar should've fixed other more game-breaking bugs first instead of these "harmless" problems that don't really harm anyone.

Rockstar Multi Glitch Update Gta Online
Rockstar appears to have found itself on the wrong end of leaks and exploits lately.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar is reportedly polishing a complete build of Grand Theft Auto 6. This is in line with earlier reports that Rockstar will reveal the next GTA game later this year ahead of its launch next year or in 2025.


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