Mod Makes GTA V Family Friendly

I ask you, has science gone too far?

Grand Theft Auto. One of the most notorious and controversial video games in the history of the industry. So many have tried to get it banned that the BBC whipped up a docudrama about one such occasion with Daniel Radcliffe acting as Rockstar's co-founder. People with next to no knowledge of gaming will angrily shout at reckless drivers in the street "did you learn to drive in GTA?!". The games have been censored in several countries and denied rating in many others. It is widely agreed hat GTA games are among the most realistic and extreme depictions of actual violence (not over-the-top, excessive, Warhammer 40,000 violence) in video games ever.



With the power of modding, GTA can also become entirely suitable for a child. Yeah, you read that right. That sentence is true, the sky is falling, and the rapture is upon us.

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One GTA V modder, R3QQ, has taken upon himself the rather befuddling task of removing absolutely every speck of violence and offensive content from GTA V, packing it all up in a mod called Family Friendly Free Roaming, and allowing players to switch to family friendly mode at the press of a button - or switch over permanently.

Now, why someone would resort to this as opposed to the entirely logical course of action of not letting their child play GTA V is beyond us, but the option is there. Everyone is invincible, there are no weapons, there are no hookers, there are no gangsters, there is no foul music, no foul language, no offensive humor, no violence and nothing that would be even remotely unsuitable for young eyes.


GTA V has been entirely sanitized by this mod, leaving your 10 year old with a great looking, extremely detailed open world with a number of cool vehicles that they can explore. Would any of you guys let your child play GTA V at all, even with this mod?


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  1. Here's an idea, being able to switch modes can be very useful for a parent with kids who forget to knock. GTA can be incredibly cathartic, but that doesn't mean I want my kids hearing or seeing it. With a switch like this, it's basically "kids awake/around mode" and "after bedtime or when they're at a friend's house mode".

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