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LSPDFR 0.3 Preview - New Police Station


We recently reported on the LSPDFR team previewing upcoming features of the 0.3 build of their work-in-progress mod. For those of you who don't know, firstly welcome to the site, secondly Los Santos Police Department First Response is a total conversion mod for GTA V which re-purposes the game into a full blown police simulator.

It is based on LCPDFR for GTA IV, and is being developed by the same team. The mod hasn't seen a full launch release yet, but the team is allowing players to download and play the beta builds as development progresses. Now they're slowly introducing the features that the next build, 0.3, will be adding to the mod.


Previously we looked at how you can customize the kinds of units that will come to your aid when you call for backup and now the team is showing us what the plan to do with the interior of the Downtown Los Santos police station. One of the few buildings in GTA V with a proper interior, the station was incorporated into LSPDFR with the first playable version, however it didn't have much functionality.

Now that the full station is unlocked with additional rooms, such as the locker and briefing room, the LSPDFR team is putting the station through the grinder once more. Following the theme of Freemode Events, you can seamlessly (without a loading screen) go on duty through the station's locker room. Interacting with any of the lockers will bring you to the character selection screen, from where you can jump into the law enforcement action.


The NPCs populating the station will also be much more active and alive, giving the whole building an authentic feel. The various facilities will be functioning realistically, with NPCs coming, going, and doing their thing in whichever room.

Are you looking forward to LSPDFR 0.3?


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